WATCH: Simon Doonan Says Reality TV Is A Gay Man’s Best Appetite Suppressant

In his new book, Gay Men Don’t Get Fat, style maven Simon Doonan jokingly suggests the way to keep slender is by incorporating a diet full of both of straight and gay foods.

As explains:

Although the delicate French macaron (not to be confused with American macaroons) is the gayest food, sushi is a serious contender. “You’re taking big, sloppy bits of fish and making it into little bonbons,” explains Doonan. “That seems very gay to me.”

“When it comes to food, I’m very much a lesbian,” said Doonan of his own eating habits. “I love brown rice and greens.” He explains that his love of healthy, whole foods comes from his childhood, when his mother described flour and sugar as “white death.”

But if you’re staring down an entire icebox cake and need something to curb your hunger, just turn on the E! network. “After watching a marathon of [the Kardashians], one loses all interest in food,” says Doonan.

We hear that!