Thoroughly Denched

WATCH: Team Up With Judi Dench To Find Her Gay Son

Oscar and Felix managed to keep a tidy kitchen. Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd kept it together long enough to solve crimes in Moonlighting. Hell, even George Michael and Aretha Franklin got together in ’87 to give us this gem. Unlikely duos are nothing new, but when a story comes along of two people bonded by common passion, it’s still best to pay attention.

Especially if those two people are Dame Judi Dench and Steve Coogan. In their new film, Philomena, a jaded political journalist (Coogan) reluctantly begins to assist a mother (Dench) on her mission to track down a son she hasn’t seen for 50 years. What starts with a simple inquiry at the convent where her unwed status made it impossible to keep custody takes them across the Atlantic in search of connection with a gay son she never knew.

Coogan and Dench bring outstanding chemistry that is simultaneously touching and quite funny. Well-received at festivals, the film is already generating major Oscar buzz for its potent performances and sharp screenplay.

Look for it in limited release November 22 or nationwide on November 27. And seriously, call your mom back.