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WATCH: The best LGBTQ+ movie & TV trailers that dropped in September 2023

Image Credits: ‘All Of Us Strangers,’ Searchlight Pictures (left) | ‘Down Low,’ Sony Pictures Releasing (center) | ‘Our Flag Means Death,’ Max (right)

Ghosts and pirates and football players—oh my! No this isn’t a list of classic Halloween costume ideas, it’s a rundown of some of some of the exciting, eclectic LGBTQ+ films and television shows heading your way in the coming weeks.

Over the past month, we’ve been treated to first-looks and previews to plenty of up-and-coming queer entertainment—everything from sweet coming-of-age tales to high-camp actress showdowns to an erotic nudist nightmare to a pitch-black comedy that all starts with one (happy) ending.

To help you stay ahead of it all, we’ve assembled a recap of the best and gayest trailers that hit the internet throughout September, with reminders of when and where you can watch. Check them all out below and mark your calendars accordingly!

Our Flag Means Death, Season 2

Ahoy there, mateys! Many a tide has rolled in since the last adventures of “Gentleman Pirate” Stede Bonnet, his (ex-)lover Ed “Blackbeard” Teach, and the crew of the S.S. Revenge, but we can’t wait to hit the seas once again with one of television’s funniest—and surprisingly queer!—comedies. The second season promises many a lover’s quarrel, more screen time for fan favorite Jim Jimenez (Vico Ortiz), and plenty more surprises.

Premieres October 5 on Max.

Down Low

This year alone, Lukas Gage came out, got married, and appeared in multiple beloved TV series and an acclaimed eco-thriller, but his 2023’s not over yet! Next up is Down Low, a pitch-black comedy he co-wrote and stars in, playing a hapless masseuse who—after giving he wealthy, closeted client (Zachary Quinto) a happy ending—gets tangled up in a chaotic series of events where the body count keeps rising.

Available on digital platforms beginning October 10.


“Consent has never been more deadly,” warns the tagline of Birder, a new erotic thriller that’s sure to turn some heads. An all-nude, all-queer campground in the New Hampshire wilderness is basically paradise—that is, until it becomes the latest “playground” for enigmatic bird watcher Kristian (Michael Emery) who uses his charm to cozy up with the locals and then shows them his peculiar kinks and sexual proclivities.

Now playing the film festival circuit—find details on upcoming screenings here—including the Seattle Queer Film Festival, which will host a virtual screening option beginning October 22.

May December

From acclaimed gay filmmaker Todd Haynes (Carol) this wicked little melodrama is the cinematic event of the fall for anyone who loves watching iconic actresses go head-to-head. Julianne Moore plays a woman who, years after going to prison for sleeping with her teen student, is trying to live a quiet life with her family. Natalie Portman plays the actress who comes to town to study her for next movie role. Get ready for a mother off!

Opens in select theaters November 17; streams on Netflix beginning December 1.


Shy and bullied Gianni feels out of place in his small Sicilian town—one that values masculinity above all else—that is, until he meets the sweet and confident Nino, who turns his whole world upside down. Based on a tragic true story that is said to have played a significant role in the Italian Gay Rights movement in the ’80s, Fireworks is both a sun-kissed coming-of-age story and a sobering examination of the not-too-distant past.

Available on digital platforms beginning December 19.

All Of Us Strangers

All Of Us Strangers is a gorgeous, romantic, and haunting story of love and grief from queer filmmaker Andrew Haigh (Weekend, Looking). Andrew Scott plays a lonely forty-something gay man who is surprised to discover the ghosts of his long-dead parents (Jamie Bell, Claire Foy), still living in his childhood home. Meanwhile—as if that’s not enough to process—things are starting to get hot and heavy with his younger neighbor (Paul Mescal).

Opening in U.S. theaters on December 22.

Barrio Boy

Adapted from his 2014 short film of the same name, Dennis Shinners’ Barrio Boy follows an unlikely romance in Brooklyn, with closeted “Nuyorican” barber Quique (Dennis Garcia) falling for Irishman Kevin (James Physick) who’s in town to tend to some family business. While their steamy flins plays out behind closed doors, Quique struggles to keep his truth hidden from his tight-knit community, particularly his homophobic former best friend.

Streaming now through October 8 via Atlanta’s Out On Film virtual film festival site. Stay tuned for more festival dates.


First-time feature writer-director Benjamin Howard tells the bracingly personal story of high-achieving high school senior Dakota Riley (Jake Holley), MVP of his varsity football team. After finally acknowledging he might be attracted to other men, Dakota struggles to reconcile his sexuality with the carefully constructed “All-American boy” image he’s long strived for, all while still trying to keep his head in the game.

Release TBA. Stay tuned here for more updates.

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