WATCH: The Best Marriage (In)Equality Ad Ever?

From October 3rd to 14th The Campaign for Southern Equality had same-sex couples request marriage licenses at the Asheville, North Carolina Buncombe County Register of Deeds. All the couples got rejected of course, but at least they filmed it!

The Campaign for Southern Equality edited the footage from their “WE DO” action into a heartbreaking video that shows each couple requesting legal recognition and then getting turned down by city clerks. There’s tears, disappointment, and yet hope as one genuinely regretful clerk says that she hopes the state will legalize marriage equality soon.

North Carolina voters will decide whether to include a marriage equality ban in their state constitution this May. Even though the vote will occur concurrently with the state’s Republican primary, sharing more videos like this would undoubtedly make voters’ more empathetic to full equality for all.