WATCH: Tiffany Trump heckled by queer activists at Trump Pride rally

Tiffany Trump heckled at Trump Pride rally
(Images: Twitter)

President Donald Trump’s daughter, Tiffany Trump, found herself heckled by queer activists last night when she spoke at a Trump Pride rally in Pittsburgh.

Former diplomat Richard Grenell, who spearheads Trump’s LGBTQ outreach, has been hosting Trump Pride rallies to whip up gay support in several states.

Tiffany Trump has spoken at some of the events, including one on Saturday in Minneapolis. That evening’s event also featured Kimberley Guilfoyle.

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On Sunday, the Trump Pride circus rolled into Pittsburgh for a small but packed (i.e. no evidence of social distancing) gathering at Domenico’s restaurant in Cranberry Township.

Once again, Tiffany Trump was warmly greeted by the crowd. She went on to enthuse about her daddy and how he loves the gays (there’s been conspicuously little attempt to garner trans support at these events).

However, whilst on stage, a small group of queer activists who had infiltrated the event started heckling Trump. The incident was captured and posted to Twitter.

One man began by lambasting her for her father’s attacks on the LGBTQ community (approximately 181 such attacks since taking office, according to GLAAD). Security was quick to bundle him out of the room while the crowd began chanting, “Four more years! Four more years!”

Other activists then took over where he left off, chanting, “Just because you suck cock doesn’t mean you’re not a bigot,” to Tiffany, Grenell, and the rest of the group.

They too were quickly ejected from the room by security.

Ahead of the rally, Grenell, former US ambassador to Germany, took to Twitter to claim, “Support for @realDonaldTrump from the gay community is unprecedented for any Republican in history. We will see huge numbers – more than 33% support. The gay left is in total panic.”

He offered no evidence for this claim. Grenell will host another Trump Pride event this evening in Philadelphia, PA.

Pennsylvania is a hotly-contested state in this Presidential election. Both Donald Trump and Joe Biden will be stopping off there today. Biden will host a drive-in rally, with Lady Gaga as a special guest, while Trump will appear in Scranton.

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