WATCH: Trans Panel Discusses Chaz Bono on The Insider

Tuesday night Entertainment Tonight‘s little sister, The Insider invited a group of trans personalities and activists to watch Dancing with the Stars and give their take on Chaz Bono, who’s breaking new ground on television (though he’s not doing so hot on the show so far).

The segment included entertainment personality Laverne Cox, The New York LGBT Center’s Stephanie Battaglino, former Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund legal assistant Mari Rosenberger, transgender advocacy attorney Noah Lewis and poet Kit Yan.

Yeah it’s a fluffy entertainment show reporting on a reality TV series but, for better or worse, that’s what dominates the hearts and minds of many Americans. Seriously, you could have Kate Bornstein brilliantly illuminating the various fallacies of a cis-gendered mindset on Charlie Rose and nobody would know. But put a pop icon’s child in tap shoes on network TV and the world stops to listen.