WATCH: Travolta Deflects Sex Allegations With Creepy Mother’s Day Video For Kelly Preston

There’s no guarantee it was actually made by John Travolta but this ham-handed, clumsy pastiche of heterosexual pride does include what look like private photos of the Travolta clan. And it is the kind of thing an out-of-touch celebrity would do in a desperate effort to deflect growing gay rumors. With all his millions, though, you’d think Travolta could do better than a PowerPoint presentation.

More star wipe!

This week, one of his accusers, John Doe #1, picked up celebrity attorney Gloria Allred as counsel, belaying rumors he had dropped his case altogether. And it appears John Doe #2 has switched to Allred as well, leaving lawyer Okorie Okorocha in the dust.  Allred tells People magazine that her clients will file a lawsuit in a different jurisdiction.

Others have come forward to claim Travolta has made unwanted advances on men—people not asking for a pay day—including a massuer at a posh NYC spa, a cruise-ship worker and the widow of Taxi star Jeff Conaway, who says Jeff woke up with Travolta administering mouth-to-mouth to his privates.

Source: D Listed

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  • fagburn

    Well, choosing a Barbra Streisand number’s gonna kill those gay rumours stone dead.

  • 1equalityUSA

    Why can’t people be happy with what they have? His children and wife are beautiful. It seems a dark side may have taken hold of him. Scientology is bogus. Even if he has to take a vow of chastity, anything would be better than the alternative. Just be at peace and get to work helping others. Build schools, fix houses, get your idle mind to work. Most everyone I know, including myself, have two or three occupations. Go back to school and get a degree or two or three. Get the Hell out of that cult and get to work. You have a beautiful life, be happy with it.

  • Cam

    This is like when a report goes out about some celeb couple breaking up and then they stage a bunch of phony pics of them holding hands and making out.

  • I won't grow up

    Oh my God! Who gives a fiddler’s f**k if this un-talented douch bag is gay or not. Do we really want this deluded self denying a**hole on our team. The “evidence” sure points a big pink neon arrow towards the man. So he chooses to deny who he is, big deal. He is doing what a lot of other gay men and women have done in the past and present. Including many of the people who are reading this now. I’m not defending him but it is a personal matter if he wants to claim he’s straight. I repeat, the guy is an idiot, but do we really need a self denying cult member on our team?
    You can go ahead and tear me up now, I hope I made a clear statement but I’m not a writer and was just voicing my lame opinion.

  • FunMe

    I saw him here at my gym in my beach city about 3 weeks ago. I wasn’t too sure it was him as he has lost weight and his hair was dark. But then I noticed he wasn’t wearing his topee and then I confirmed it was him. It was after midnight – Sunday, heading towards 1AM Monday.

    I wanted to take a photo but it would have been too obvious. I was in the tricep machine and he and his trainer in the abs machine and we were practically facing each other. I went to the bigger room and started on the cables to work by arms. He was already in the bigger room with his trainer. I could tell he was looking at me, but I had an ICKEY feeling about him knowing what a CLOSET QUEEN FREAK he is.

    Even if I had tried to take a photo secretly, it would have been so obvious as they were no more than 8 people in the bigger room.

    I moved on to the next exercise, which were sitting down and using weights for arms. I went was to the other side of where he was. BUT I had to come back to his side as my size of weights I was needing were right in front of him. So I went directly in front of them … they looked at me as if they thought I would say hello or I would ask for autograph/photo. I DON’T THINK SO!

    So I got my weights and went right back to the other side … way away from him.

    He and his trainer left and went to the smaller room again. I stayed in the bigger room, but as they were finally leaving he looked inside and stared at me as he was leaving. EWWWWWWWW!

    That’s too bad as he is an actor from an iconic movie (Saturday Night Fever). Plus as we all know what a closet dirty birdy he is having sex at “straight” saunas AND he’s a freaky scientologist … no thank.

    Sad what the closet does to you if you chose to go that route.

  • aki

    What’s creepy about it ? Family is family and whose job is it to decide what makes a family in the first place ? Not us.

  • 1equalityUSA

    aki–good point!

  • Harold P Fletcher

    if you go to the original web page that video was posted to
    you’ll learn it was made by Mike Falkow
    Mike Is a part time bit Actor and Scientologist
    an the WEB page administrator for the Travolta Family
    Mike also run PR Interference for the Travoltas any time there Is a PR gaff

    any time a Tabloid post that a “close personal source of the Trovoltas” or there Is a denial of a Story it comes from Mike Falkow After Scientology’s Secret Stasi/Gestapo Police OSA AKA(Office of Special Affairs)approves it.
    He also runs PR interference via OSA for Scientology actresses Cathrine Bell and Jenifer Aspen and occasionally Tom Cruise and His wife.

    Hes the “inside source” to Web sites like Gossip Cop when a Scientology story hits the web.

    the fake PR Is handled by the Office of Special Affairs through him.
    its just an effort at Damage Control and the manipulation of public opinion to spin Bad PR

    OSA Is Scientology version of Joseph Gobbles Propaganda Ministry with a small army of Lawyers and Private Investigators.

    the Video Is OSA’s vision of a Scientology Fantasy Land and House of Waffles

  • me

    Ahhhhh…family and the veneer of respectability, the best illusion Scientology can “arrange” for their rich and famous cult followers/contributors (Travolta, Cruise, et al) in return for drawing a big public Happy Face on this sinister cult’s true avaricious pig-like visage.

    Most Christian/Muslim cults aren’t any better, but secrecy is what most generally differentiates between a “religion” and most other cults such as Scientology and Mormonism, as well as the “K” street cabal known only as “The Family” which is made up of conservative born-again “christian” US Congressmen in Washington DC. They hide behind the cloak of anonymity in order to do their dirty deeds because they haven’t quite yet got enough of the mob on their side — like mainstream religions have.

  • Alan brickman

    Leave him alone! This just makes the out gays look like predators!!

  • mk

    @Alan brickman: Travolta is the one committing sexual harassment. He is clearly the predator and should be called on it. He is legally and morally in the wrong with his persistent unwanted sexual targeting of people in their workplaces.

  • 1equalityUSA

    To Harold P. Fletcher, It sounds so insidious. Is it difficult to get out of this cult, once a person is ensconced in it? Perhaps they have something on him that they will make public, should Travolta ever decide to bail. What a nightmare. I can’t stand organized cults or religions. Even the ‘Scouts gave me the heebie-jeebies as a child. The uniforms turned me off. Is it possible for a guy like this to bail on Scientology, or will they be like harpies from Hell, tearing at his flesh and trampling his life in the dirt? Scientology sucks.

  • LadyL

    I think one of the requirements of Scientology is that you have to “confess” whatever you’ve done or said of feel that could, in their view, hold you back and keep you from achieving your goals, and being gay is obviously seen by Scientology as a major impediment to success. The problem for celebs is that having confessed, the “family” now has something they can hold over you should you decide to take your money and fame and leave. I’ll bet Travolta wishes he had never heard the name L. Ron Hubbard.
    Of course this story matters or we wouldn’t be talking about it so much. It’s a cautionary tale about the toll the closet takes on all of us–as individuals, as a society. It’s not just about Travolta. When people make Faustian deals like this, sooner or later everyone pays for it.
    The first victim is the closet case himself, who, tired of feeling constrained and deprived, begins victimizing others (some of whom fight back and get a lawyer). Then there are the families, especially the kids, being used as social cover. And then there’s the rest of us, bullied in classrooms and on playgrounds, and in our families and communities, and on our jobs. And bullied too by cruel laws and ugly policies created or advanced by closeted politicians desperate to protect their secret–their treachery aided and abetted by a squeamish or homophobic press corp–and by deluded straights who have no clue that their favorite movie star, their granddad, or their coworker and close friend, is “one of those people.”
    We keep trying to talk about John Travolta’s problems like it’s an isolated subject, but I think we’re obsessed with this because we sense that his predicament is part of a larger issue that impacts all of us. What’s the John Donne quote…? No man is an island?

  • Oh, ok

    Oddly the more this “story” goes on I find the commenters a lot creepier than the supposed sexual advances I wasn’t there to see with my own eyes.

    Why are some of you SO invested in this? It’s not like you really care, you seem more invested in watching someone’s career fall apart. It’s really quite frighting how some of you get off on a celebrity being outed, but on the same token want gay people to be treated “equally”.

    The celebrity closet is strange and interesting, but there’s no reason to make it out to be something criminal. Some of you get so disturbing with your torches and pitchforks ready to hang a celebrity for having the audacity to be closeted in their private life that I can’t even take you seriously.

    Is it really that big a deal? Is it really affecting you personally? The answer is no even if you said yes.

  • James M. Martin

    If Barbra believes John has failed in doing what her own son by Elliot Gould has done, she might demand he stop using her song online. I am wondering what horrible thoughts Mr. Travolta might have about himself that he would think it important to hide his bisexuality. If he could embrace it publicly he could proudly say, “at least I do not eliminate half of my potential lovemates without even finding out what it’s like to have fun with them.” He fits a pattern, apparently: the bisexual male who can move in and out of orientations and yet chooses to be married, with children, but in later life realizes the attraction is decidely more to the same sex. The closet has a swinging door.

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