WATCH: Travolta Deflects Sex Allegations With Creepy Mother’s Day Video For Kelly Preston

There’s no guarantee it was actually made by John Travolta but this ham-handed, clumsy pastiche of heterosexual pride does include what look like private photos of the Travolta clan. And it is the kind of thing an out-of-touch celebrity would do in a desperate effort to deflect growing gay rumors. With all his millions, though, you’d think Travolta could do better than a PowerPoint presentation.

More star wipe!

This week, one of his accusers, John Doe #1, picked up celebrity attorney Gloria Allred as counsel, belaying rumors he had dropped his case altogether. And it appears John Doe #2 has switched to Allred as well, leaving lawyer Okorie Okorocha in the dust.  Allred tells People magazine that her clients will file a lawsuit in a different jurisdiction.

Others have come forward to claim Travolta has made unwanted advances on men—people not asking for a pay day—including a massuer at a posh NYC spa, a cruise-ship worker and the widow of Taxi star Jeff Conaway, who says Jeff woke up with Travolta administering mouth-to-mouth to his privates.

Source: D Listed