WATCH: Turning Sissy? KFC Can Get You Back To “Manly”


Queerty reader Eugene pointed us toward this Australian KFC ad, which seems to suggest simple grooming and and a nice sweater will lead your mates to question your masculinity. (A rude girlfriend standing menacingly behind you won’t help either.)

We think it’s just playing on tired old stereotypes, but some have called the advert homophobic and anti-feminist. What say you, Queerty readers?

We’re more concerned by the South African KFC ad Eugene also described (no video was available):

“There are different scenes, each the same. A man is seen standing with one of his hands in an exaggerated limp-wrist pose. He is described as having a ‘weak hand.’ To ‘fix’ this, the man is told he needs KFC. As soon he eats KFC, his limp wrist comes right, he suddenly sprouts muscles and is no longer the weakling he was. The narrator uses the words ‘real man’ in reference to the men who are no longer limp-wristed.”

The underlying message in both commercials seems to be the same: Real men eat artery-clogging chicken entrails that have been pressed into somewhat recognizable shapes.

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