WATCH: Vincent Aubin and Bruno Boileau Marry In France’s First Gay Wedding

Despite the violent anti-marriage equality protest over the weekend, Vincent Autin and Bruno Boileau’s nuptials went off without incident. However, riot police were present just in case.

The couple became the first same-sex couple to marry under France’s new law, exchanging vows today in Montpellier, known to les homosexuals as the “San Francisco of France” for its liberal, gay-friendly attitude.

Mayor Hélène Mandroux, a member of President François Hollande’s Socialist party which was largely responsible for passing the bill earlier this year, officiated the wedding.

“This is a historic moment in your own lives… and a historic moment for our country,” she told the ceremony of some 500 people. “We are building here together the society of tomorrow.”

Autin, 40, proposed to Boileau, 29, while he was at work over speakerphone. They hit if off six years ago after meeting in an online music forum and have been together ever since.

Autin gave a brief but emotional speech from a balcony to hundreds of well-wishers, urging them to “Love each other, love us, love one another, because it’s important.”