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WATCH: Well-Built Chef Shows Off While Whipping Up “Liquid Chicken” Protein Shake

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Protein is an essential part of any diet, but that chemical strawberry flavor of your usual workout shake can start to make you feel like you’re slipping yourself a Mickey. Surely there’s another, tastier, more muscular way.

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To the rescue comes a very well-built chef who calls himself The Mincing Faggot, who first caught our attention on  Towleroad. TMF is here to offer us all the chance to ogle his physique while experiencing a teachable moment as he whips up what he calls “The Liquid Chicken Shake.”

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Though “The Liquid Chicken Shake” sounds like something we’d be more likely to concoct on the dance-floor rather than the kitchen, he assures us all we need to make this muscle-promoting treat is a chicken breast, a Vitamix, and we’ll be ready to stultify the world with our impressive physique teeming with rippling musculature.

Give it a whirl: