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We Know Lou Engle Is a Jesus-Crazed Bigot. But Does He Have the Ear of the GOP?


We’re still trying to figure out just how intertwined Lou Engle, the self-professed “visionary” behind prayer group TheCall (one word!), is with leading conservatives inside the GOP, but Alternet spotted him with the Family Research Council and Mike Huckabee and Newt Gingrich, so there’s some connection — at least as much as Barack Obama has with Rick Warren. But Engle, who supported Prop 8 and asked followers to pray and fast to defeat marriage in Maine, now finds himself in the Absolute Nutjob category, a special place usually reserved for folks like Patricia and Kelvin Mckinney, who perform exorcisms on gay demons. Fitting, then, that Engle also knows a thing or two about gay demons, as he reveals in this Sept. 25, 2007, sermon.