Wedding Bells Are Gonna Chime For Rufus Wainwright After All

Canadian Chanteur Rufus Wainwright ruffled some rainbow feathers back in 2008 when he told the New York Press, “Oddly enough, I’m actually not a huge gay marriage supporter.” The singer changed his tune a few years later, though, saying, “I wasn’t a huge gay marriage supporter before… but since meeting [boyfriend] Jörn [Weisbrodt] that all changed.”

Now it looks like Wainwright, 39, has made a complete 180: He and Weisbrodt have announced they’re going to wed this August in Montauk, NY.

He might be settling down, but Wainwright hasn’t lost his gift for surprising statements: “I’ve been with Jörn for about five years, and I’m not finding anything better… I’ve certainly traveled the world and had opportunities to fall out of line, and it doesn’t ever seem to happen,’ he says. “Or, you know, I just keep wanting to go back to him.”

The couple already share a daughter, Viva, with Lorca Cohen, daughter of legendary musician Leonard Cohen.

Photo via Rubenstein