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Well, Natalie Portman’s Lesbian Affair Is 1 Reason to See Darren Aronofsky’s Black Swan

My goodness, everyone loves Darren Aronofsky’s psychological ballerina flick Black Swan, which premiered at the Venice Film Festival and features Natalie Portman making out with Mila Kunis, who plays her archnemesis. Or does she! The film “provides bountiful stimulation”, but is “anything but a Brian De Palma-style erotic escapade.”

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  • Baxter

    The only Natalie Portman movie that people should ever see is The Professional. She is one of the worst actresses ever.

  • Matt

    @Baxter: That’s bullshit.

  • whiz

    @Baxter: She’s not the most amazing actress to ever live but she’s pretty damn good. And a bloody sight better than you, I’d wager. Besides, this movie looks like it might be pretty good.

  • Ash

    @Baxter: Blasphemy! I think the Whiz got it down, maybe she isn’t the most amazing but she’s pretty flipping fantastic! Much better and much more natural and realistic than a lot of the actors out there.

    The Professional was great, though. You got that right.

  • Klarth

    *just watched trailer*

    this is kind of LOLarious. I kind of want to see it.

    also, sorry, but Natalie was lookin’ rough even in the beginning. Mila is just hotter. I was going to say I bet she’s freaky, but then I remembered I’m gay. ;-)

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