Welsh Gay Couple Win Million-Dollar-Plus Lottery

A gay couple from Merthyr Tydfil, Wales, are in the money after winning £1million (about $1,570,000) in the EuroMillions lottery.

Lyn Sexton and Ian Pearce, who have been together for 16 years and married in a civil ceremony six years ago, were about to go on a camping trip when they bought a single ticket on a whim. “It’s an overwhelming feeling,” says Sexton of their windfall. “Ian and I already feel lucky as we have a nice lifestyle and we’ve had the chance to travel the world together.”

“The money is not going to change us,” he added “We are still going to live in Merthyr [and] shop in the same shops. We will still shop in Tesco and buy the lottery tickets in Tesco too.”

The guys, aren’t being hasty, either: After booking a few family vacations and paying off their mortgage, they’ve gone back to work and are waiting a year before making any big decisions about the loot.

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