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What Buzz Words Will The White House Throw Around With DADT Repealists Today?

ZOMG who is excited for today’s White House meeting with DADT repeal advocates! I am, because it’s not just the usual HRC crowd (though they’ll be there too): Servicemembers United, Servicemembers Legal Defense Network, and OutServe (made up of active duty gay troops) — generally the bastard children of the repeal effort — will be there. I bet they are going to “strategize” and mention phrases like “mid-term elections,” “Congress,” and “stop loss.” Also, this just in from Brian Bond: If anyone mentions the DADT court cases, meeting adjourned. Wonderful.

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  • Casey

    I hope the response they give to the White House is:

    ‘UNtil DADT is repealed, we will continue to condemn this duisgustingly hypocritical and homophobic administrattion, and encouraging our supporters to ONLY vote for candidates which are campaigning for the repeal of DADT and DOMA, and who support ENDA and full marriage equality’.

    I’ve had it up to here with those spineless morons of the Democrat Party.

    Voting for the ‘lesser’ of 2 evils is no longer incentive enough to vote Democrat.

    And the sooner Obama and his his homophobic admininstration realise this, then the sooner will they start honouring their promises.

    I’m voting with my conscience this time. I’m voting Green.

  • Cam

    Thank goodness those other groups will be there!!! While HRC spends the entire meeting thanking them for the invitation and commenting on how nice the carpet and table are, perhaps the other groups will be able to get things done.

    To the other groups who will be there. Make no mistake, the administration invited HRC there to thwart you. When you propose something the administration is counting on HRC to try to roadblock you, and then they will use HRC’s comments as reason to not do anything. Don’t let that happen!

  • randy

    Their message should be the truth: IF you want permanent repeal of DADT, withdraw the appeal that the DOJ filed. It’s the easiest, simplest and permanent way to do it.

    And this way, Obama can spend his time watching basketball games rather than actually calling up Senators. It’s win win!

    But of course, Obama doesn’t really want permanent repeal — instead, he just wants to go through the motions and then blame it all on the Republicans.

  • reason

    @Casey: Yeah, the administration that has hired more GBL and yes T people in two years then the Bush & Clinton administrations did in 16 years combined is homophobic. Doesn’t sound like they are that homophobic with openly gay people swarming throughout their government. The administration wanted to portray GBLT as competent in all aspects of government and push through EDNA with its earlier passed economic agenda but Gay Inc. demanded DADT first. Wouldn’t it be nice if we had EDNA already and still have this chance of getting DADT resolved in the lame duck session? But the emotional people what it done their way which has not garnered any results.

    Stop loss is already in affect, and it doesn’t stop GBLT from being discharged. The GOP crafted the bill in a way to make sure stop loss wouldn’t lead to the retainment of GBLT soldiers. As for the mid-terms I doubt many mind will be changed at this late date, the GOP is poised for a takeover and all of the re-redistricting power that comes with it to set back the GBLT agenda for years. As for the president his poll numbers have skyrocketed to 54%, if we have some economic progress in the next year his re-election will be looking pretty darn good. In other words all those that are protesting Obama are just hurting are ability to get legislative results, and not having any impact on the president.

  • FYI

    “In other words (for) all those that are protesting Obama…(it will) not having any impact on the president (in 2012)”.

    Thus spoke the lemming-like Obot as he reassured himself while walking, one cold and lonely election night in November; whistling past the graveyard of bam-bam’s disgraceful and mendacious legacy regarding the last minority in America it was still legal to discriminate against on his watch, and with his full approval. ~ reference: “History Is A Bitch That Never Forgets” by Uri Ariel Idjit


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