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What Do You Mean Your Gay Wedding Didn’t Feature 2 Strippers Who Got Naked For Guests?

You could’ve had the most ambitious color scheme, a petting zoo, and a freakin’ Moet fountain, but if your wedding didn’t feature two hotties baring all for guests, we’re glad we weren’t invited to your po-dunk nuptials. Then again, we weren’t invited to Saturday’s \fashion wedding of Marc Jacobs’ corporate chief Robert Duffy and Alex Cespedes, where two strippers (or invitees, it’s unclear) put on a little show for the happily married new couple. But that wasn’t the only DRAMA.

One report says Marc Jacobs, who served as the best man to Duffy, attended without his own husband Lorenzo Martone, fueling rumors of a breakup. Oh noze!

This is just going to do great things for the stereotype that gay men can’t hold down a … chance to mislead gossip column readers.