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What Is The One Word 2 Gay Dads Never Want to Hear Their Child Say?

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If you are not watching ABC’s Modern Family, you are probably such a terrible person the government put you on a no-fly list. Because Cam and Mitchell are the best gay parents television has to offer. Especially given last night’s episode, where their daughter Lily’s first word was “every gay father’s worst nightmare.”

(If you’re unfamiliar, the woman holding Lily is her pediatrician, invited over for brunch.)

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  • Geoff M

    LOVE Cam & Mitchell!

  • rodrigo

    I love this show !! Seriously if you don’t watch it you must be a hermit.

  • Eric

    @rodrigo: I’m not a hermit. I just don’t find a weak Arrested Development knock-off to be all that funny.

  • MitchNYC

    Awesome show. The other awesome part is Haley leaping out of the car with it still in drive, forcing the tester to slam on the emergency brake.

  • MDThom

    I’ve only been able to catch a few show, but what I’ve seen I love.

  • Jaroslaw

    physiologically it is easier for a child to say mommy than daddy

  • Joseph

    one of my favorite shows these days!

  • Jen

    This show is such a breath of fresh air after all the reality crap! I vote for a Cam fan club. I’m prezzie.

    “I collect antique fountain pens, I’m quite adept at Japanese flower arranging- Ikibana- oh, and I was also the starting offensive tackle at Illinois…..Surprise!”

  • fredo777

    @Eric: Yawn. The show’s fresh + very entertaining.

  • terrwill

    Absolutley one of the top ten show on the TVs ever!!


    These Guys deserve there own show..

  • Tartuffe


  • Hyhybt

    Video won’t play on my connection. What’s the word?

  • terrwill

    @Hyhybt: The word is “Mommy” which they thought the baby was directing towards the female pedatrician. Yet the story had a “happy ending” it was actually a doll a Lesbian couple had given Lilly which uttered the word.

    And again if you have not checked out this show you really should…it is excellent The writers bob and weave around topics with a light touch so as not to raise the battle cries of the PC police. The Asian peditracian told them how she had fought her Mother to avoid the sterotype of being the obident Asian stay at home mom and wanted to “break” the typical stereotypes of Asian people. Then as she pulls out of the driveway she runs over garbage cans and clips Cam and Mitchell’s car……………….

  • Hyhybt

    Thanks for the recommendation… but I spend so much time on the computer I hardly ever watch TV anymore. Only thing I’ve even recorded lately is “Life After People,” and I’m a couple weeks behind watching even that.

  • Lukas P.

    @terrwill: Once again, you have me rolling my ass off laughing on the floorboards. Did the doll really say Mommy? Did the Pediatrician really have a “driving incident?”

    What right minded person would give the child of two gay men a doll that says anything like “Mama”? Is there a doll that says “Jesus died for our Sins?” too?

    Have not seen the show. I watch so little TV that my guy just yells “HERE, NOW” when something’s really good, otherwise I just sit there and quietly read my academic sex research journals!

  • Julianne

    LOL! That was hilarious. “Mommy!” (cough) “Did she just say-” (woman shakes here head hastily)

    haha : D

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