WATCH: What Miley Cyrus Hath Wrought: Party In the … MLC?

To what cultural aspersions do we owe the phenomenon of remaking the remakes of music videos? The Fire Island Pines boys, who created the Miley Cyrus send-up “Party In The F.I.P,” receive their own homage with “Party In The MLC” from a bunch of dormmates at a “homecoming summit.” At, uh, Midland Lutheran College?

Keep watching, ’cause there’s a blooper reel.

(Thanks, Blake!)

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  • ettubrute84

    See how I feel about this video is very mixed… On one hand its fun but on the other I def dont. But…. this just shows that they watched the FlP Video lol… Ohhh my..


  • T

    Can I have the last 8:54 minutes of my life back? Please?

  • DelphKC

    Not a very good remake of a remake… More of a “let’s make fun of those funny gays” kind of thing… Many, many thumbs down…

  • Cinci Chris

    They all could have spent a little more time in the gym before they made this video. Not one of them has a set of visible abs. Just sayin.

  • William Day

    Lies, Cinci Chris! The guy from near the end, who got lifted up by the two other guys in the pool? A-freaking-dorable.

  • Mika

    @DelephKC the jokes on them because they definitely payed some very close attention to the FIP video to have recreated it so loyally.

  • GeoffM

    Remember the kid in school who thought he was in on the joke but everyone was laughing at him? (These boys are laughing at us.)

  • Jon B

    @Cinci Chris: STFU… who gives a shit if they have “visible abs”? you’re one of the many dudes who give us gays the stereotype of being shallow and bitchy. They were having fun and probably didn’t realize that you need to be 6’2, 135, with Jude Law’s jaw line, James Marsden’s smile, and Robert Pattinson’s hair to get in front of a camcorder and make a home/youtube video.

  • Law

    Yeah, they are definitely mocking the gay video. Then again, I would probably mock the original as well.

  • alan brickman

    THE BEST VIDEO YET!!!! straight boys always get it right…

  • hephaestion

    I don’t see the straight college kids as making fun of the gay video. I thought their video was very cute, and I think they just used the Fire Island video as an excuse to liberate themselves to act silly just as the Fire Island guys were being silly in their video. If the college boys had meant for their video to be anti-gay they would have made it anti-gay with really hideous flaming and an ugly tone to the video. What I see is a fun tone… more like “We like being silly, too.” Not “We hate you and want to dehumanize you.” I really don’t think these are anti-gay kids at ALL. Maybe someone should ask them.

  • Derek

    Cinci Chris I, like Jon B., also think you need to seriously STFU. If you think having visible abs is something that ranks as being real important for everyone, you are vapid and pathetic. And I’m just saying……Christ almighty the values of some people.

    But on the topic of the video, they seems to be acting just a little too “gay’ with their imitations….the ball scene in the hallway is a great example. So are they making fun of the video or the guys in it? It’s hard to say for sure…

  • hardmannyc

    Yeah, they’re making fun of the Pines boys, but affectionately. And I think some of them are cute!

  • Guest

    Martin Luther College…not Midland. And these boys are certainly just having fun, no “anti-gay” sentiments here. It was a skit for homecoming. Just a bunch of kids trying to remake a YouTube classic who never thought it would get that many views.

  • Alex Taylor

    Instead of worring about this video expressing “anti-gay” sentiments(which I personally don’t think it does), lets have some fun with this and get a friendly debate going…which guy is your favorite? cutest? ugliest? are they straight but still adorable? anyone want to give a critique?

  • Night

    Making fun of gays? No way, they HAVE to be making fun of straight people. NO self respecting gay man would take his shirt off looking like these clowns!

  • Cornerframe

    Geoffm, they’re just laughing at you.

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