What You Should Know About Homosexuals And CPAC Before This Weekend

Tired of all these stories about which anti-gay conservatives are and aren’t going to CPAC in D.C. this weekend? Too bad! That’s all the media cares about:

• Through a pretty miniscule effort (signing on as a sponsor and paying a small fee), GOProud has owned the CPAC news cycle. “The mainstream media has missed the big story coming out of CPAC,” says chairman Chris Barron. “The real story isn’t about who isn’t coming, but is instead who is coming. Despite the best efforts of a small band of anti-gay groups, this CPAC is going to be the biggest ever. Virtually every potential 2012 presidential candidate has confirmed, and virtually every conservative organization of note is participating. The fact is that the mainstream of the conservative movement is united and welcomes GOProud.”

• A group calling themselves “Conservatives for Unity” is circulating a memo, “signed by about two dozen leaders,” calling on the conservative movement to return to the Reagan era — and exclude the gays.

• Andrew Breitbart isn’t just gonna sit on GOProud’s board and eat cashews. He’s going to tweet La Revolución!

• The gays at CPAC plan on getting laid: “I’m visiting Washington DC tomorrow through Sunday for a confrence CPAC 😉 Hehehe and I am looking for some fun. I love to suck dick, ride cock, and getting a load all over my face. So show me what DC has to offer! Im down for anything. I am 21 years old, in a frat, Latino, 155 lbs, 5’9 and a bottom. Mssg me w pics and stats. “

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