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What’s Brian Brown Smiling About? New York. And Maybe Soon, New Jersey

There’s truly something unsettling about watching someone smile and celebrate the “victory” of denying New Yorkers marriage equality. But NOM president Brian Brown, the smiling bigot, does just that. And he’s already practicing his smirk for the outcome in New Jersey. Jeremy Hooper does a fine job of knocking down Brown’s misinformation campaign, and it’s worth nothing: Brown is a salesman. He is branding, marketing, and selling this “redefinition” effort. Then again, marriage advocates are, too.

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  • terrwill

    While we are all opening our wallets to run the scumbags
    who stabbed us in the backs by voting no on Gay marriage,
    lets fund a group to do a thorough investigation into the
    backgrounds of the likes of Brian (color of shit) Brown.
    He thinks there is someting intrinsically evil about
    Gays and their desire to form happy unions to live happily
    eva after……Lets drag any and all skeletons out of this
    evil scumbags closet and make him and Maggie (the cunt)
    Gallagher examples of how the Gay community can throw the
    same hateful shit against these assholes, who make milllions
    in their campaigns of hate. And to those who I know that
    are going to post “we can’t stoop to their level” or “lets
    find common ground” Their ultimate agenda is to rid the
    country of the Gay community. Why so many of these smiling
    scumbags are suddenly finding the cesspool of an excuse of
    a nation Uganda the new destination of choice. If you don’t
    think they don’t have in their twisted minds similar legislation
    against Gays in the US wake up and smell the cyanide gas……….

  • 1EqualityUSA

    Did you hear his last sentence?

  • Greg Theron

    These people piss me off. When will we all become violent? Like that one guy said, straights only respond to violence.

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