What’s This About Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn Predicting Civil Unions By Christmas?

Though I’m always skeptical of politicians making promises about the future, especially ones that involve Christmas as a timeline, I do like what I’m hearing from Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn, who says civil unions in the state could be a reality by the end of the year. The votes are there in the Senate and maybe the House, by Quinn’s count. Of course his remarks came during an endorsement review meeting with the Chicago newspaper Daily Herald, where politicos know it’s in their best interest to make promises — but it’s also worth noting where Quinn’s remarks did not arrive: on the campaign trail.


But don’t expect a vote to come up if the bill won’t pass: State Rep. Greg Harris, the Chicago Democrat sponsoring a bill to legalize civil unions beginning next year, says, “It’s not in my interest to have show votes to call people out on it. … This election, it’s a difficult environment to run around and ask people how they would vote on something.”

Bummer. Votes to get lawmakers on the record are my second favorite kind.