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Where In The World Do Tops Have The Best Chance of Finding a Bottom? (Hint: Steer Clear of Shoe Factories)

Playing one of our favorite data mining games, contact information and spit swapping site follows up its previous geo-sex surveys (i.e. America’s uncut men) with a global analysis of tops and bottoms. Which countries are overflowing with pitchers? Which with catchers? I’ll tell you only if you can say “bottom” in Danish.

Costa Rica leads the planet in men who want to pound butt, while Denmark claims the title of having the most willing participants to have exactly that done to them.

The United States is 52.8% tops, bee-tee-dubs, slightly overtaking the Canadians who claim 51.01%. Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be any data on Slovakia, where certain Lutheran pastors tend to slip up.

[Manhunt Daily]

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