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Which Actor Dumped One Male Co-Star For Another?

BLIND ITEMS — “Actor A, Actor B, and Actor C worked on a film together. Actor A and Actor B are well-known, and Actor C is gaining popularity. At least one of these actors is married, and at least one has a young child. Over the course of filming, Actor A and Actor B developed a very close, trailer-rocking, stress-relieving kind of relationship. Then Actor A started hanging around with Actor C. Next thing you know, Actor B has been bumped out of the equation, and Actor A and Actor C are bumping uglies together! This doesn’t sit well with Actor B, and doesn’t bode well for the three of them continuing to work together. The weirdest thing is that Actor A has a definite type, and neither Actor B nor Actor C fits that type. Not that a person can’t enjoy a little variety. It’s just odd. Come to think of it, that’s a very good word to describe Actor C.” [BlindGossip]