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Which Actor Dumped One Male Co-Star For Another?

BLIND ITEMS — “Actor A, Actor B, and Actor C worked on a film together. Actor A and Actor B are well-known, and Actor C is gaining popularity. At least one of these actors is married, and at least one has a young child. Over the course of filming, Actor A and Actor B developed a very close, trailer-rocking, stress-relieving kind of relationship. Then Actor A started hanging around with Actor C. Next thing you know, Actor B has been bumped out of the equation, and Actor A and Actor C are bumping uglies together! This doesn’t sit well with Actor B, and doesn’t bode well for the three of them continuing to work together. The weirdest thing is that Actor A has a definite type, and neither Actor B nor Actor C fits that type. Not that a person can’t enjoy a little variety. It’s just odd. Come to think of it, that’s a very good word to describe Actor C.” [BlindGossip]

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  • Michael in Toronto

    Oh man, I love this one. But I have no idea who’s who.

  • Chad

    Clooney, Pitt & Damon.

  • goodness

    I think this blind item gave me a Hangover, too.

  • andy

    Lincoln Lawyer opens today so my guess is that this is about Matthew, Josh, and Ryan? I think they fit the bill.

  • Josh

    i have a headache just reading it

  • Oprah

    Actor A is a “TOP” player. Actor B & C are two bottom biatches. Hhhmmm its easy to pin point who is ABC. HA HA HA HA HA

  • Oprah


    I doubt it is about Licoln lawyer cast. Mathew and Ryan are UBER heterosexuals. Josh Lucas–well–i dont want to blurt out-Queen–but something close to it. LOL

    My best bet is–the other movie that just opened. LIMITLESS. Starring Bradley Cooper and De Niro. I say, De Niro is the married man,Actor A,(uber Top), who has a small child and who has a ‘type’. (Black women with muscles bordering to drag queen) But what i cant pin point is who could be the Actor ‘C’, according the gossiper above–it is stated that this actor is ‘gaining popularity’. I just checked out all the cast in the limitless movie – and none of them is becoming even close to popularity, so queerty–what gives?

  • Frank

    A.Tom Cruise, B.Jeremy Renner C.Simon Peg. Tom Cruise is married and Simon Peg has kids. They are all in the new Mission Impossible together, and Simon Peg did the voice of Odd in the animated film “Free Jimmy”. Plus Simon Peg is always playing odd comedic characters in his movies. Here a picture of Tom and Simon spending some quality time together at a hockey game in Vancover

  • Gabriel

    @Frank: Oh yes, that sounds right. And do you know what Tom’s definite type is?

  • niles

    @9 probably African-American, slender but muscular build, and fellow scientologist.

  • Gabriel

    @niles: Oh, right. Will Smith.

  • Equal Rights Now

    I think you got it Frank.

  • Lvng1tor

    Frank and Gabriel got it right on this one. By the by Mentioning Willows father. Has anyone else noticed that the smiths are acting a bit like Whitney and Bobby lately? Closets block all the light and vitamin D deficiency can drive a person a bit cracky…I meant wacky.

  • eric

    bradley cooper and de niro. they were on late night with jimmy fallon tonight and the sexual tension was really high

  • scott ny'er

    @Frank: You’re so good! And interesting about Will Smith as the type.

    Funny, tho, I would’ve thought Tom would be the bottom.

  • Darling Nikki

    @scott ny’er: Tom has “Napoleon Complex”, so he must be taller and well, on top.

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