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Which Common Sense Nightlife Tips Do You Regularly Ignore?

I’m all for tips to keep us safe, particularly during Pride celebrations, when New York’s gays will be dancing on the pier and Chicago’s queers will be rubbing up against the Stanley Cup. In San Francisco, revelers will welcome the 40th anniversary of pride, with the Backstreet Boys and Andy Bell playing sets, and that’s where the Clubbers Guide to Safety is making its debut. It’s a pocket-sized pamphlet with common sense tips to keeping out of trouble while enjoying Ke$ha remixes, like reporting to police any criminal activity you witness, refusing drinks from strangers or leaving yours vulnerable on the bar. Also, remember that pickpockets “dance close and slip your wallet out,” so you shouldn’t “carry large amounts of cash or multiple credit cards.” So, uh, cower in the corner by yourself, don’t interact with anyone, and sorry but top shelf cocktails are off limits since you left the house with minimal dinero. Oh, I kid! Have fun, be safe, and buy me a drink, ’cause I left my wallet at home like I was told!

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  • scott ny'er

    Looks like major rain this Sunday. So, NYC’s pride parade might not be that fun. :(

  • Mike in Asheville, nee "in Brooklyn"

    How about remembering to wear “rear-access” shorts to the I-Beam after parade tea dance. All those hot sweaty shirtless boys grinding together…and a pair of rear-access shorts allowing, you know, him, to grind his pole in your hole, all to the rhythm! Oh 1981, where have you gone? Now where did I put those shorts?

  • Fitz

    If the guy wanting to touch up on you and blow you in the bathroom is WAY too hot, hunky, and young, remember that he is probably a tweaker from out of town, and has bad-news written all over him.

  • Black Pegasus

    Just two Tips from me:

    1. Clean your ASS properly! You never who’s mouth
    you’ll have to feed in a moment’s notice. Hot Tops Love
    to eat your Ass out before giving you that good Dick!, So
    clean that bootay mmmkay…?

    2. Listerine Breathe Strips! Keep some handy. All
    of that alcohol and on-the-food does not make for
    a lovely smelling mouth. So pop one in before you
    shove your tongue down the stripper’s throat!

    Enjoy kids!

  • Lincoln Rose

    As much as I love my own community, when it comes to being body to body in a bar, you can bet my wallet gets switched from my back pocket to my front. I can’t afford to lose what little I have to a pickpocket.

    My mom taught me, if you get a drink, then put it down and let it get out of your sight, then you go buy another one. Or just finish it first. Either of these is better than chancing a roofie slipped into it.

  • robert

    How much of the date-rape/roofies hysteria is myth? Practically all of it from what I’ve heard.

  • Freddie

    One word: pre-lube.

  • Giovannidude

    It isn’t just mixed drinks. You don’t want someone to slip something in your PepsiCola. It’s OK if they slip something in your rear-access shorts. Pre-lube is a great idea.

    The advice about leaving your wallet and credit cards at home is OK, but what if someone breaks into your apartment while you’re at the festivities?

  • jeffree

    @Robert: “date rape” drugs are still a problem on/ near college campuses. Because theyre hard to detect the next day, it’s hard to prove they led to a sexual assault. That’s what I learned at our sexual assault section of peer counseling classes.
    They also warned about *gasp* the dangers of consuming too much alcohol !

  • Michael

    Hey! That bartender is Tom – I used to know him in Ft. Lauderdale. He’s a SUPER sweetheart!

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