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White Collar‘s Matt Bomer Now Earning $100,000 Per Episode Not To Talk About His Personal Life

White Collar star Matt Bomer — who will talk about his three adorable boys on television but not the fact that he is raising them with partner Simon Halls, a man — will be earning upwards of $100,000 an episode as per his newly renegotiated contract that goes into Season 3 (and keeps him around for at least another year). That’s up from $50,000 per ep. And it puts a much bigger dollar figure on Bomer’s reason for staying publicly in the closet: “I have a network and a show riding on my shoulders,” he’s said previously.

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  • justiceontherocks

    Glad he got a raise. No idea why it’s any of my business who he sleeps with.

  • Sam

    He deserves twice that and yes no one’s business.Queerty so tired on topic!

  • Jock

    Hope he never does just to frustrate queerty and the raggin’ queerty regulars. Ad revenue/web hits must be down at queerty. Two bomer posts in a few days. No doubt Anderson Cooper and Zac Quinto posts coming up soon.

  • Patrick

    This is beyond beating a dead horse. Give it a rest.

  • SteveC

    It’s no-one’s business whi he is in a relationship with.

    Just as it’s no-one’s business who Reese Witherspoon is in a relationship with,

    If it’s acceptable to report on Reese Witherspoon’s wedding last weekend, then it sure as hell is OK to report on who Matt Bomer is in a relationship with.

    Why do people think double standards should apply to gay celebrities private lives?

    Matt Bomer is an openly gay man, raising 3 children with his male partner. Big deal. Why does his wish to earn buckets of money mean that he gets treated differently to a straight celebrity?

  • Jock

    @SteveC: You are totally correct on the double standard part, however his getting a raise for a job well done has nothing to do with his orientation nor his family, nothing.

  • Hue-Man

    “She’s only a bird in a gilded cage”

  • Right Wingers Are Socioptahs (John From England)

    No one cares. We like and respect Bomer who does a lot for charity. Save it for all those nasty GOP gay candidates….PLEASE?

  • SteveC

    Matt Bomer got a raise. Well good for him. And he’s a famous person. Well the reality is this. If you are a famous person your personal life is discussed. It’s part of the territory.

    When Charlie Sheen was still on Two and a Half Men (before his recent meltdown), there were huge media reports on him getting a huge payrise for his last season on the show. And all the reports mentioned his children and ex-wives.

    When Beyonce started dating Jay Z the newspapers went into overdrive. Despite the fact that the couple were clearly trying to remain low profile and refused to discuss it or be seen in public together.

    I just find it utterly absurd and hypocritical that when an openly gay man like Matt Bomer gets a raise, we’re not meant to mention his husband. But straight relationships are fair game.


  • flyboyjames

    Absotely, and like other smart celebs like Beyonce, it’s his right to not talk about it and not our right to demand that he does.

  • Tony

    That’s why we get beat up outside McDonalds. There are too many idiots interested in their paychecks to stand up and be counted. Thanks for nothing closet queers.

  • justiceontherocks

    @SteveC: Huge difference between Bomer’s relationship and Witherspoon’s marriage: Bomer doesn’t have an army of PR agents begging people to cover that part of his life.

  • Kevin

    @Tony: Ridiculous comment not really worthy of response but here goes. A star coming out is in no way going to prevent bullying, wake up. In most cases if you act like a victim you will become a victim. People need to learn to take care and defend themselves.

  • Spike

    Good lord, even Perez Hilton has stopped posting such nonsense, unfortunate that Queerty continues to feel the need to be the mean girl gay gossip website. Leave the guy alone, let him make a living and have a family, what is it to you bitter queens at Queerty?!!?

  • Soupy

    I’ve been an actor for 20 years. My sexuality was never an issue because I play character and supporting roles. But I have more than a few gay actor friends who do play the game because they are leading men, and the fact remains that casting directors and the industry will make it an issue. That’s the reality of the business.

  • Dale

    You’ve already covered this Queerty. Either you have a number of people working for you, and they don’t all read the blog, or whoever posted this was in a blackout the last time. Stale, stale, stale coverage of something nobody gives a shit about.

  • David Ehrenstein

    What gets me is how much support there is for the closet on a gay site.

  • justiceontherocks

    @David Ehrenstein: I give up. Why is it “everyone’s business?” It makes no difference to my life or yours who he sleeps with.he hasn’t lied to anyone about this? 1hy isn’t he entitled to privacy about his personal life?

  • Perkins

    I guess it’s a generational thing but none of my friends care who is in our out, we just live and let live. At least he’s not doing cheezy People magazine speads parading his life and his kids around in the rags. He’s a classy guy.

  • SteveC

    David – he IS openly gay.

    He lives with his husband and their 3 kids. His friends, family and co-workers know he is gay. In my view that’s living an openly gay life.

    He ONLY refuses to discuss his personal life with the media.

    Which is his right.

    Just like Beyonce refuses to discuss her personallife with the media. And that is her right.

    However if it is acceptable for the media to discuss Beyonce’s private life without her consent, then it’s equally acceptable to discuss Matt Bomer’s private life without his consent.

    He could have been a theater actor where no-one cared who he lives with. He chose to be a TV actor and along with that choice comes press intrusion.

    What people here seem to be arging is ‘Oh he might lose some roles if we openly acknowledge his sexuality’. To which I respond “Oh boo hoo for him”.

    It must be unpleasant to have his private life openly discussed. But I have no more sympathy for Matt Bomer than I do for Beyonce, Reese Witherspoon or Matthew McConaughey. They suffer from the EXACT same intrusion into their lives but get no sympathy for it.

    It’s a double standard to believe that Matt Bomer somehow deserves special treatment at the hands of the press just because he is gay.

    If he doesn’t like it then perhaps he’s in the wrong job.

  • Stace

    If its none of your business and queerty’s always doing this, then why are you at this fucking site then? Either you have an amazing lack of foresight or you get something out of it too.

  • SteveC

    My view is this.

    If you live an openly gay private life and you’re a public figure then it’s absurd (and offensive) to expect more privacy than a heterosexual public figure in the same position.

    Public figures (actors / musicians / politicians etc) are not subject to the same rules of privacy as regular private citizens. That’s the deal they make and should accept if they choose that career for themselves. And Matt Bomer’s $100,000 an episode must surely help him cope with the intrusion.

    There should not be a double standard applied to Bomer or Jodie Foster than to Beyonce and Matthew McConaughey (neither of whom like their private lives splashed all over the news either.)

  • alan brickman

    Actors are not politcians who deny people equal rights…grow up!!

  • Perkins

    Well he and his husband were in full view on television on the golden globes and are out at countless charity functions together as a couple.They actually do real charity work,not the fake mentions or photo ops most ‘officially out’ entertainers do that are always praised on this gossip site.The fact that he is beautful and talented is enough info for this queen,more power to him.

  • TwlightoftheDogs

    @David Ehrenstein: Most of the guys posting here are likely very much closet cases from what I can tell, or at least, felt it was the right thing to do. So they got to defend to the point of absurdity. My view is simple: he has to right to be in the closet if he wants. Its not his right to expect others to help him with being in the closet. That’s what the idiots here are truly arguing. That we are all suppose to play along with the closet. I get the actors position since he’s got to worry about his career. I don’t get the “we are suppose to help him stay in the closet” mentality at all. There’s nothing in it for us. Yet, you see the crazies here post everytime this issue comes up as if this is a personal friend of theirs and they really think the closet is an important moral choice. When one thinks about it, we have seen several actresses lady parts, get to hear all sorts of titilating thsuff, that I doubt any of them would question. But a cute gay guy being outted- lord have mercy- that’s privacy, thats to be protected at all cost.

  • niles

    Ha ha, Queerty, your sick campaign to ruin his career has failed!

  • TwlightoftheDogs

    @justiceontherocks: Its not your job to protect his closet. As I just wrote to David- the actor – him I get. I don’t have to agree, but I get him. I like his show in fact. What I don’t get are people like you. You seem fucked up.

  • TwlightoftheDogs

    @niles: I was just commenting on how crazy some of you seem, and then, one of you post this to prove me right. Thanks. You do realize he’s an actor, and this is a tabloid site?

  • TwlightoftheDogs

    @SteveC: Exactly. Its not our job to protect their closet.

  • justiceontherocks

    @TwlightoftheDogs: Wow, Junior. You learned a neat-o phrase: “protect his closet.” Did you think of that all by yourself? His sex life is none of your business. Your sex life, if you had one, is none of his business. Quit being a pathetic (and long winded) star fucker and get a life of your own.

  • spam

    @Niles – so true! The old queens here have entirely too much time on you hands – go volunteer somewhere for god sake

  • TwlightoftheDogs

    @justiceontherocks: If all you can do is attack the phrasing, that sums up the smell of your bullshit. Guys like y ou are weak. Most likely older guys in your 40s and over. Only guys that old have the mindset of protect the gay guy at all cost mentality. I am in my early 30s. the idea that being gay is supposed to be anymore protected than any other celebrity information in an age of twitter, no privacy like on facebook , and with a celebrity who basically is an open book except for his relationship with his partner – the dude discusses his kids. He has no issues with privacy like many of you claim. Well the fact in this age, that folks like you exist suggest to me you are at least 40 or older.

  • TwlightoftheDogs

    We also live in a time when celebrity life (Since well before this actor came on the scene) means all aspect of your life is going to be covered. People getting into the business know this. Yet, we geto what I can only assume are really old gay men here claiming that there is something private about this. Tell that to every other celebrity who has their life plastered out there. And I doubt many of you want that to be kept secret.

  • justiceontherocks

    @TwlightoftheDogs: His sex life is none of your business. You offer no reason why it is. And while you accuse people of protecting Bomer’s closet, you say he has “no issues with privacy” – (I guess the two of you are close personal friends) which means he has no closet to protect.

    Maybe you should run take you meds and figure out why you have your panties in a wad about the life of someone you see on TV once in a while.

  • TwlightoftheDogs

    @justiceontherocks: (a) being gay is not about sex life. If you think that’s all that goes into being gay, that sums up, once again, how fucked up you are. (b) Every other celebrity, who is straight deals with this, do you also have a problem with that? You don’t answer the part that implicates your likely hypocracy. (c) You do the sophists approach to arguments. Am I suppose to explain that his willingness to tell us about his kids means that its not about privacy when it comes to his relationship (not just sex) with his partner. This again goes back to how fucked up you view being gay as. I mean- when your parents got married- and they announced it- was it because your father was doing your mother or was it because the marriage part wasn’t considered private? And let’s be really real about how fucked up you how if you answer in anyway other than it wasn’t considered private. Marriages are registered with the state, which means, they aren’t private. What you want to keep secret in the not just the sex,b ut the relationship between the two men. Now, you can go back to whining that I am on meds for pointing out you and others are full of shit.

  • Right Wingers Are Socioptahs (John From England)


    Life .

  • TwlightoftheDogs

    Why don’t you let me borrow yours, since you aren’t using it?

  • TwlightoftheDogs

    John, you are on here a lot. Every time I stop by every few weeks. I see your screen name. Now, that could be coincidental, but I don’t think it is.

  • Right Wingers Are Socioptahs (John From England)


    I’m just another gay guy who likes blogs. And facts. And being reasonable. And….

  • SteveC

    Justiceontherocks makes the following statement:

    “His sex life is none of your business.”

    We all know that.

    Queerty is not discussing his sex life.

    They are discussing the fact that the openly gay Matt Bomer remains in his closet professionally.

    Are you genuinely trying to imply that being gay is ONLY about sex.

    If so then you need therapy.

    A gay celebrity should expect the EXACT same treatment at the hands of the press as a straight celeberity.

    I will repeat.


    I cannot believe that some of the older gay posters on here (Justiceontherocks for example) think that double standards shouild apply to gay celebrities.

  • Lucas

    Sexuality has never been a private issue. Not one straight person has every made their sexuality a private issue. Only us. Coincedence???

    Sure it’s nobody’s business but when it’s obvious that you are hiding in the closet because of what others might think, people have every right to make it their personal “business” to think of you as a fucking coward who’s ashamed of himself. This is called fair play.

    All the old queens are pissed that some gays have the audacity not to marry an innocent woman under false pretenses and have innocent children whose life is upended once dad grows testicles.

    I can feel the cowardice and jealousy of bravery emanating from your fingertips as you spout your defense of being scared, fearful, ashamed middle-aged cowards who can relate to a fellow coward. It’s sad that these proud teens are the gays we’re losing to suicide and hate crimes…

    Kudos to Queerty for keeping this A-List coward’s feet to the fire. Kudos to the select few who are proudly gay and don’t respect those gleefully living in the closet because now all of the sudden sexuality is a private thing.

    How many straight people do we know that has even ever thought such absurdities?

  • Blake

    I’m 27 and could care less who comes out or not, it’s not my business. Seems like it’s the old guys who care, no one my age does. Matt is great too.

  • TwlightoftheDogs


    I don’t care if you dont’ care he’s gay. Just Like I don’t care if you aren’t interested in celebrity gossip. What’s so special about the subject that we in the public got to ‘respect” it anymore than we do Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt or many other stars

    Its not his sexuality that’s the debate at this point. Its all the sad old queens like yourself rushing in to say its the right thing to do- the protecting his closet part. I get the actors decision. He’s got a career. I don’t get you and the others.. We MUST defend his closet because its his privacy, and, blah, blah, blah. It doesn’t matter, and so, we shouldn’t discuss it at all- again- totally contradicting yourself there. If it doesn’t matter, why shouldn’t we discuss it? Why is it skin off you back?

  • TwlightoftheDogs

    Steve C

    I would go a step further. Beyonce supposed goes to great efforts to keep all aspects of her private life private. She doesn’t bring it up interviews. So, why are we suppose to as celebrity watchers not discuss a private life that a star has brought into the public?

  • jacknasty

    I am OK with celebs like him and Kevin Spacey who just don’t talk about being gay. Just because you’re famous doesn’t mean that you have to discuss it.

    I am against people who lie and put on a charade of “dating” or worse actually marrying somebody to appear straight. He is living his life and doing his job, it would be nice if he were an advocate but he doesn’t have to be

  • lily

    Hope he gets another raise for season 4! There has to be a season 4 … and perhaps at least $250K by then.

    Whether Matt Bomer talks about his private life or not, it’s fine with me. I am just happy that I get to see him on White Collar as well as on guest spots and social functions.

    All the best to him, his family, and his career because we love this guy!

  • Cary

    He’s an actor. He owes us nothing but to do a great job as an actor. He does. People obsessed with other peoples’ private lives clearly have nothing worthy to promote about themselves.

  • Little Kiwi

    rather than complain about those grown-ass adults who make the selfish, self-serving and cowardly choice to not be Publicly Out, I choose instead to honour, thank and acknowledge the brave selfless individuals who DO.

    they’re the vanguards and heroes. love them more. :D

  • violet

    selfish? it has nothing to do with that…

  • neo

    Heard about those 60+ hrs work week, and what he brings to the character, he deserves a lot more.

    Nobody cared what his preference was before White Collar and now so many has to hear him say what he prefers. Well, he doesn’t have to comply with any of those people. He’s no one’s puppet. Just because some wants him to mention this over an interview doesn’t mean he should listen to those people and do so. He is just continuing with the way he lived his life as usual. I think that’s shows how strong and grounded he is … live your life your way. It’s already known… he wears a ring, talks about his children, goes out with Simon … some people are so simple and just don’t get it

  • IQ

    If everybody, who even cares about this, has known he’s gay, then they’ve been overpaying him in futility.

  • bobby

    So they are paying him more money not to talk about his sexuality that is just stupid who cares if he is gay if he want to talk about his husband he should.

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