White House Will Not Use Ledger’s Death As Opportunity

Heath Ledger’s death truly does has serious implications.

President George W. Bush canceled a scheduled anti-drug speech out of respect for the actor, who died of an apparent accidental drug overdose:

The death of Heath Ledger prompted the White House to postpone President Bush’s event Wednesday promoting an ad campaign aimed at preventing prescription drug abuse.

White House press secretary Dana Perino said Bush’s event had been scheduled for a while.

“We thought it would be better to postpone the event rather than run the risk of anyone thinking that we were being opportunistic in highlighting the issue,” she said.

Wow. We’re surprised. The White House did, after all, use 9/11’s nearly 3,000 deaths to launch a seemingly endless war.

They grow up so fast!

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  • Jack Jett

    The truth is Bush is too drunk and stupid to talk…..period.

  • gay as life


    Oh my god. Are you kidding me? This is so fucked up it is beyond belief.

    Of course, this kind of insane logic goes right along with Orwellian government double talk like “Clear Skies Initiative.”

  • dvlaries

    Gee, I wonder if they were forced to drop some anti-gun speech back when Cheney shot that friend of his in the face…?

  • Dawster

    you know… while the death of Ledger is really sad (and completely unexpected)… i can’t help but think that, on the bright side, poor Charlie Hunnam can finally have his look back.

    I also think that (1) Jack Jett is actually right… but also (2) it COULD be viewed as insensitive to give a big anti-drug speech on the heels of such a death… a bit disrespectful even.

    true… the entire speech would have had more weight had the White House actually CARED, but… still… it’s nice to know they bothered to at least go though the motions.

  • Paul Raposo

    But they’re getting just as much coverage by stating they will not make a speech, than if they actually made the damn speech. It’s win/win for the WH–look compasionate, while cramming, “Just Say No,” down our throats.

  • todd

    If Bush could appear human and speak like a person who actually cares about other people, it would have been appropriate. But his generic, “Here is a good man, a decent man, a family man – vote for him speech” would not be appropriate.

  • Mark Walsh

    The Iraq war didn’t have even the remotest relation to the deaths of 9/11. That didn’t stop them from saying so, and murdering thousnds of people.
    Heath Ledger’s death looks far more like a suicide than it does drug abuse. The phony prescription drug campaign is just a way of persecuting doctors and people who need medication, so that they can excuse their outlandish failure at stopping illegal drug trade.
    The real reason, I’m sure, has more to do with satisfying pramaceutical companies than any humanistic reason-when has Bush given a shit. he just does what he wants regardless of people. Trust there’s no concern for queers.

  • seitan-on-a-stick

    Wait for the autopsy misinformed “Mark Walsh”. I mean Bush as WORST PRESIDENT EVER! Can’t wait for the Oliver Stone film BUSH to come out!!! Dana Perino is Miss South Carolina without the sash! Marijuana could solve many more of these pharmaceutical problems but it can’t be completely controlled by Big Brother-Pharma.

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