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Who Else Can Buffalo Bills Running Back C.J. Spiller Apologize To For His ‘Fag’ Tweet?

C.J. Spiller, a rookie running back for the Buffalo Bills, is sorry he (got called out for?) tweeting “Keep my name out ur mouth fag” to Ricky Sapp, the Philadelphia Eagles defensive end and a one-time Clemson University teammate. It was just an LOL!

“I wanna apologize for using dat derogatory term to any1 that I may have offended I am truly sorry that was out of my character. God bless,” Spiller posted after deleting the original tweet. “”Me and Ricky are best friends and we always joke around on [Twitter], but I shouldn’t have said what I said,” he followed up in a locker room interview last week. “”If anybody knew how me and Ricky play around on Twitter, pretty much knows that we were just joking and didn’t mean any harm. I apologize for the situation and just want to move forward.”

Spiller says he apologized to his coach and the team’s general manager, but the NFL has yet to weigh in. Ooh, please send him a naughty letter of reprimand. Or ban him from anything with a keyboard.