Who Pulled Merv Griffin Gay Strings?

In case you weren’t aware, legendary Merv Griffin’s dead. Yeah, we know it’s hard to deal with, but it’s a fact of life. Unfortunately, some news agencies were hesitant to highlight a fact of Griffin’s now spent life: his homosexuality. As Michelangelo Signorile writes, Hollywood Reporter editor Elizabeth Guider yanked a story, which opened: “Merv Griffin was gay”.

The person responsible for pulling Ray Richmond’s column on Merv Griffin and the fact that he was gay was editor Elizabeth Guider, pictured here, who was apparently out of town and who completely freaked when the pressure came from various Hollywood titans, advertisers and lawyers for one of Griffin’s companies. It’s quite possible she was simply told she had to pull it by those way above her at parent company Nielson Business Media, which has many other business interests and connections with many Hollywood moguls and companies (though Editor and Publisher, which so far is the only publication to cover this, is owned by the same company).

Reuters news agency also pulled their international link to the HR story. After gays raised a stink, the stories magically reappeared, although with a few scandalous edits.

Now that the story’s back, we have one question: who’s pulling the strings behind the scenes? Surely Guider’s not the one calling the hosts. And, as Signorile points out, lawyerly threats from a dead man fall on deaf ears. So who pressured Guider to scrap the story? Which Hollywood bigwigs are big homophobes?