Who Wants To Stay at John Cameron Mitchell’s Puerto Rican Vacation House … For Free?

John Cameron Mitchell, the boyish Hedwig creator, bought a house in Vieques, off the east coast of Puerto Rico (and sometimes called the Spanish Virgin Islands), with his friend Brent. But they are lonely there, and would love for you to come stay with them. To make the place more “lovely.”

John and Brent proposed the free stay in a mass email to friends, and they really want you for an extended period of time: “It’s a small rough-and-ready two-story house on a hill overlooking the ocean. There’s a beach 20 minutes from everywhere and it’s a great place to collapse, make art, rethink your life. Perfect for a recession. We prefer that you stay for AT LEAST A MONTH so we don’t have to be hotel clerks and that you overlap for a day with the outgoing and incoming housesitter to show the ropes.”

Was that just the most enticing Craigslist houseboy ad you’ve ever read?

[photo: Jack Pierson, via]