Who Will Be The Next Celebrity To Come Out Of The Closet?

John Travolta

The back story: Unless you’ve been living under a rock that doesn’t have Wifi, you’ve heard about the recent accusations of sexual misconduct against Travolta by several masseurs at high-end spas. But that’s nothing new: Over the years there’s been rumors of an affair with porn star Paul Barresi, that photo of Travolta kissing a male friend on a airport runway, and other items floated through the tabloids. Add in his Scientology connections and you’ve got… well, a ton of circumstantial evidence.

Odds of Travolta coming out: 1 in 3,000. Unlike Neil Patrick Harris or Matt Bomer, Travolta has long been perceived as a family man, raising three children (including his late son, Jett) with actress-wife Kelly Preston. If he came out now, J-Trav wouldn’t just be a liar, he’d look like a world-class bastard for dragging Preston and the kids into his mess. If the lawsuits bring any substantial evidence of same-sex doings to light (which is unlikely), Travolta would probably just blame drugs, a vague sex addiction or the work of bad thetans.