Who Will Be The Next Celebrity To Come Out Of The Closet?

Barry Manilow

Among the numerous revelations in his new memoir, The Truth Is Bad Enough: What Became of The Happy Hustler?, former escort Michael Kearns outs Manilow by referencing a yearlong affair he had with the “Copacabana” singer in the mid-Seventies. Granted this is not earth-shattering news, but then again neither were Liberace or Johnny Mathis, and our mom refused to believe they were gay.

Odds Manilow will come out: 1 in 10. Barry’s main demographic is women of a certain age who don’t want to think about the sweet man crooning to them being one of “those” people. But if his popularity slacks enough, Manilow may try to get a  late-in-life boost from coming out, a la Richard Chamberlain.