Who Will Be The Next Celebrity To Come Out Of The Closet?

Merida from Brave

Over Pride weekend, EW made the surprising suggestion that Merida, the ginger-haired heroine of Disney/Pixar’s latest fairy tale, Brave, might prefer the company of other girls:

“She bristles at the traditional gender roles that she’s expected to play: the demure daughter, the obedient fiancée. Her love of unprincess-like hobbies, including archery and rock-climbing, is sure to strike a chord with gay viewers who felt similarly “not like the other kids” growing up. And she hates the prospect of marriage — at least, to any of the three oafish clansmen that compete for her hand — enough to run away from home and put her own mother’s life at risk. She’s certainly not a swooning, boy-crazy Disney princess like The Little Mermaid’s Ariel or Snow White.”

Odds of Merida coming out: 1 in 90. As gay-friendly as both Disney and Pixar are, we can’t really see them revealing their latest princess is a baby dyke—especially since Brave topped $66.7 million in its opening weekend. But even as a crypto-lesbian, Merida sends a good message to little gaybies. As EW’s Adam Markowitz writers, “Her strength in the face of opposition and her urge to forge her own identity (or, as she puts it in the film, “to change my fate”) both have the potential to ring true for moviegoers of all stripes, rainbow or otherwise.”

Image: Disney/Pixar