Who’s Watching the Crotchmen?


“I am naked often,” says Watchmen star Billy Crudup, “but was not naked that I recall during filming.” Damn.

He continues in a Parade interview: “I wore a pair of what were pretty elaborate pajamas and they were studded with about 1,200 blue LED’s so that Dr. Manhattan would glow blue. There were also motion capture electrodes on my body and I had over a hundred on my face. They all sent data into a computer that really created the Dr. Manhattan you see on the screen. My performance was basically just laying the groundwork for the CGI.”

And was Crudup teased about his own endowment? “Of course, but I’m not saying how much the computer helped. Actually, I didn’t fully expect the interest that Dr. Manhattan’s genitalia has received. But I understood his motivation for baring it all. Why would the guy with all this power really care about a uniform? He doesn’t need to obey society’s constraints because, if he wanted to, he could destroy society. So I think he kind of feels like, ‘You know what? I enjoy a good breeze on my private parts.'”