Why Did The Oscars Replace Ratner With A Guy Whose Film Called Electric Cars “Gay”?

Hollywood sleaze Brett Ratner got booted as producer of The Oscars after he said, “Rehearsal’s for fags.” So now The Academy Awards have replaced him with Brian Grazer, a guy whose company produced The Dilemma, a film that GLAAD complained about after one of the film’s characters (played by Vince Vaughn) called electric cars “gay.”

So, we guess Grazer is okay because the insult came from a movie that he produced whereas Ratner said the anti-gay comment himself in a public forum. Hmm…

You may have heard that when Ratner left, would-be Oscar host Eddie Murphy jumped ship too. He’s been replaced by Billy Crystal. Here’s hoping that Crystal does better than James Franco and Anne Hathaway (not that that’ll be hard to do).

Via The LA Times

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