Why Is 90210 Getting Rid Of Its Only Gay Character?

We creamed our pants when we found out that Trevor Donovan would be slutting his way through an entire season of 90210 as the series’ newly out gay character, Teddy. But now the love parade has come to a sudden end. Is Teddy’s homosexuality to blame? Because if so, we’ll get all Adrianna on the CW’s asses.

According to TV Line:

…a 90210 insider says Donovan will appear as a guest star in roughly five episodes this fall…. News of Donovan’s looming departure comes as 90210 undergoes a period of transition — both on screen and off. Season 4 will find much of the West Bev crew moving on to college — a rite of passage that triggered the exits of the show’s two remaining adult characters, Lori Loughlin and Ryan Eggold.

Ugh. Teddy was the only reason we watched. Err… we mean, the only reason our friends watched… because, like, we totally don’t watch shows like 90210. Especially now that they’ve decided to keep the dull characters like Annie and Liam while not even resolving Donna and David’s marital issues. And don’t even get us started about that horrible trainwreck Adrianna. Ugh.