Why Is Attention-Starved Beau Breedlove Suddenly Running From the Press?


To say Beau Breedlove isn’t reveling in his media fame would be an understatement. He’s happily given interviews to the media. He stripped down for porn rag Unzipped. And he’s happily told his story to anyone with an email address. So why is he suddenly running from the press?

Breedlove yesterday filed for restraining order against Brad Walth, a reporter for The Oregonion who’s been covering the scandal between Breedlove and Portland Mayor Sam Adams, his former lover.

For what it’s worth, The Oregonian calls the allegations “absurd.” Editor Sandy Rowe: “Mr. Breedlove gave us an on-the-record interview voluntarily. He asked for nothing in exchange for the interview, and the newspaper made him no promises about what it would or would not publish.”

So why is Breedlove suddeny press shy?

One tip in to Queerty claims Breedlove is acting in tandem with Adams, who’s still being investigated by the attorney general for possibly violating campaign laws and having a sexual relationship with Breedlove before he turned 18 — which makes sense, given new revelations that Adams lied about his relationship with Breedlove. So, the theory goes, any attention Breedlove receives (or statements he gives to the press) are bad for Adams’ legal and political situation.

So is this a favor to an old flame? The case of an overzealous reporter? Or simply a scandal that refuses to die?

UPDATE: Breedlove’s restraining order request
was denied by a judge, who said he needed to show “an immediate threat of physical violence.” Being subject to a reporter’s questions, apparently, doesn’t qualify.

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