Why Sydney’s Gays Still Won’t Be Able to Adopt (Even Though the Gov’t Knows It Would Be Good for Kids)

The government of New South Wales, the largest Australian state and the one that encompasses Sydney and Davey Wavey, has opted not to overturn a ban on letting gay couples adopt children. This, despite officials acknowledging amending the law would “ensure the best interests of children.”

A 4-2 vote on the matter in a Upper House committee signaled that “members were unable to reach a consensus, reflecting divisions on this issue in the wider community.” According to Community Services Minister Linda Burney, “The committee was given examples of successful parenting and fostering by gay and lesbian couples and in these case studies, adoption provided permanence, stability and security which are so important for children. However, I am also aware that there are very deeply held, divergent views on this issue and that is why a decision on this matter will not be taken at this stage.” This is actually as silly as it sounds, right?

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