Wife Divorcing Husband Over His Gay Dungeon Sex in Second Life


There’s always been something gay going on in Second Life, the virtual world where actual humans spend countless hours and dollars dressing up their digital avatars in CGI designer goods. But little did we suspect it could be an outlet for a repressed husband, who took to Second Life to have sex with other men. We couldn’t make this stuff up. (But maybe a British tabloid can?)

The British man would, according to his wife, stay up late “having gay dungeon romps” as Troy Hammerthall. While in bed. Next to her. So enraged, she’s filing for divorce.

“After a few minutes, I could bear it no longer and sat up in bed demanding to know what the hell he was doing. He quickly folded the damn machine shut.

“I went off the dial but John just brushed it away. He said it wasn’t real life so what was I doing my nut about?

“I couldn’t sleep a wink the rest of the night wondering whether this meant he was betraying me or not—that he’d rather have gay sex on Second Life than have sex with me.” […]

“What he was doing was perverted and total kick in the teeth for me,“ she said.

“As far as I am concerned, having virtual sex with a man is the same as having sex with him in real life.

“It may have just been online but I don’t know that for sure. If John has it in him to be gay on his computer, then how do I know what he does when he’s away working? I could kind of understand it if he was having sex with a woman—at least then I could ask him what it was that I wasn’t giving him and maybe try to work it out.

“But if it’s men he fancies, then our marriage is a complete sham and there is nothing I can do.”

Last night John denied being gay and said he was fighting to save his marriage.

“I was just messing about on there. I’m the world’s least gay man. There’s not a gay bone in my body,” he told us.

“I just found it funny. I only went on for a laugh. I can’t believe it’s ended up destroying my marriage.

“I’m in touch with Lisa and am desperate to be with her again. I’d never cheat on her in real life—with anyone.

“Second Life is just an escape and my avatar was just exploring things that I’d never sample—or want to sample—in real life.” [News of the World]

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    That’s a new spin on an old classic, “I’m not gay, but my avatar is.”

  • Flex

    Kudos to Lisa for having the balls to get up and leave! He sounds like he is in deep denial of his sexuality. Lisa, It isn’t your fault. Focus on what you need, and forget about him.

  • kevin

    Apparently having virtual pretend sex with the same-sex is grounds for a divorce to this woman.

    You see….certain heterosexuals just can’t be trusted to protect marriage. They don’t value it. It’s ephemeral to them.

    This woman is willing to turn her back on a covenant made (assumingly) before God over some piddly shit like this?

    Stupid fucking marriage-destroying breeder.

  • Jason

    I’m not sure I totally buy his argument either, but isn’t this the point of Second Life? I mean, exploring a fantasy of something you’d never actually honestly do? I’m not sure it makes him gay and to me it isn’t cheating, but I guess everyone draws the line differently.

  • naprem

    I will never understand straight people.

  • Darth Paul

    @Jason: Unfortunately, needy/insecure folks out there can’t handle the fact that their partners need solo-time. They treat their partners like accessory pets and really have no business getting married.

    Of course, this whole story reeks of BS, so booty.

  • Darth Paul

    @kevin: Kevin is funny.

  • Jaroslaw

    If there is an ounce of truth to this story, then there is more going wrong in this marriage that just this virtual sex thing.

    And why such support for the wife? She just called us perverts and thinking of him having man sex was a “kick in the teeth!” And it is not the cheating that bothers her, because she says herself that if it was a woman, she could at least ask what she’s not giving him.

    Although I agree, if “the second life” is to fantasize about something you’d probably never really do, then what is the harm, isn’t that the point?

  • GranDiva

    If it is true, then it’s hardly the first divorce precipitated by Second Life…

  • Jamie

    “There’s not a gay bone in my body”

    HA. YET.

  • Leonardo

    Oh, get over it!

    I like blowing other people’s brains off on Counter Strike, it doesn’t mean I’m going to become a terrorist. By the way, I explicit violence in movies. Videogame violence is just abstract enough to make it for good fun without causing me disgust.

    How can anyone get off on Second Life? It’s just so fake! Maybe the guy was just legitimately having a laugh?

  • Hampton

    If you know about second life, then this story is absolutely ridiculous.

    This doesn’t sound like this guy was masturbating and dirty chatting on second life. It seems like the guy couldn’t sleep, he got one of those stupid sex-position objects in the game… and then your character humps.

    Its entertaining in your “I’m being 13” moods.

    I believe the guy 100%.

    And who wouldn’t want some entertainment in your life if that battle axe was your wife. He should run away. And run away quickly.

  • Jason

    I should add that while I think the guy is being judged too harshly by the wife, it was probably a bad idea to be PLAYING THE GAME WHILE IN BED WITH HER. So maybe he’s just a lout in general.

  • vernonvanderbilt

    @Jason: So he’s definitely straight. Glad we sorted that one out. :P

  • moo

    For those who don’t know, the News of the World is a trashy Sunday tabloid that often makes up crap.

  • Darth Paul

    @moo: That’s clearly the case. Thanks for the reminder.

  • J

    @Hampton: Eh, his wife’s a fair shot prettier than he is. But I know that if I played second life I’d have no interest of going into a “straight dungeon”, so I don’t think his argument of “I just do it for fun but I’m really not gay” cuts it. Then again, I have no interest in playing second life, so. =\

  • matt (the other other one)

    If you count all the closet cases who have duped gullible women into marrying them i wonder if gays are really 10% of the population seems more like 20%

  • TANK

    I just puked in my mouth. Narsty.

  • Cee

    At least the wife had sense enough and self esteem to get up and leave. American women always try to change the man and make it work no matter what he does to her.

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