Will A Democratic Court Help Nikki Araguz Win Her Dead Husband’s Benefits?

Remember Nikki Araguz, the Texas trans-widow who battled in court for her deceased firefighter husband’s death benefits? The last we heard Nikki’s mom wrote a passionate letter urging the judge to find Nikki’s marriage to deceased firefighter Thomas Araguz valid (the judge didn’t). Then Nikki got arrested for a felony theft charge for allegedly stealing a $2,850 Rolex watch.

Well now Nikki’s back in court appealing the original judge’s ruling which voided her marriage and denied her a widow’s benefits. Only this time she’s headed to the Texas 13th District Court of Appeals in Corpus Christi which is said to be “a DEMOCRATIC stronghold” where the judges might view her history and hardships with more sensitivity. Also, she’s teamed up with the law firm that successfully argued the Lawrence v. Texas Supreme Court case that overturned US sodomy laws.

One tip of advice though, Nikki: we know you’re shooting your own reality show based on the court proceedings… but leave the camera crews at home.