Will California’s Mike Become The 5th Gay House Rep – And Its First Married Republican Too?

Mike Gin, the gay Republican mayor of Redondo Beach, appears ready to make a go at locking down the House seat that’s being left open by Jane Harman, who resigned to join the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars. Sure, 48-year-old Gin is backed by gay State Assemblyman John Perez, but his competitor Janice Hahn, a Los Angeles councilwoman, has the endorsement of Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein. (What do you expect when the guy belongs to the Log Cabin Republicans?) Were Gin to be elected, he’d become the first gay Chinese-American congressman, as well as the first married one: he and husband Christopher Kreidel in 2008, back when it was legal in California, after 13 years together.

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  • Cameron Jess S.

    This is assimilation at its worst

  • Casey

    He has a 0% chance of winning. The district is safe Democratic, Debra Bowen is also running, even if they split the democratic vote and he makes the run off, he will get trounced.

  • Stanley

    @Casey: Not so fast. Normally, a gay Republican would have no chance at winning, but California’s 36th district is unique — it includes socially liberal neighborhoods like Venice Beach, but it also includes socially moderate, but Republican-friendly cities such as Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach & Torrance. People who work for the oil refineries, L.A. Air Force Base, & defense companies in the area, such as Northrop Grumman, tend to lean Republican. And Torrance (& the whole South Bay region in general) has a huge Asian-American population.

    Even though I don’t personally support same-sex marriage, I hope that Mike Gin gets elected. He’s a good guy, and a good role model for the LGBT community.

    How ironic would it be that the first gay Asian-American U.S. congressman and first U.S. congressman in a same-sex marriage would be a Republican?

    Meanwhile, your “fierce advocate” Obama still doesn’t support same-sex marriage. And Maryland state Democratic Rep. Sam Arora, who accepted campaign donations from LGBT organizations & promised to vote for same-sex marriage in Maryland, will now be responsible for preventing same-sex marriages in Maryland…..

  • niles

    A Republican? why not just run on the KKK party? Same thing.

  • BostonGuy

    LOL @ Niles. Typical gay reactionary. ( Democrats started the KKK )

  • Casey


    I was actually going to give you sympathy for being so stupid but not anymore. You’re a fuck face. I’m being realistic here, just because you’re a stupid Republican who doesn’t understand shit you have while pretending to act like you do when you don’t. The district only has a 14% Asian population the Hispanic population is twice than that and the white population is over 3 times that. If you think that a Republican will be able to defeat a Democrat in a district where Obama won over 64%, you’re retarded, especially under California’s new primary law.

    P.S. I’m not a Democrat or support gay marriage, you ignorant thundercunt.

  • Casey


    I hate idiots who get history wrong. First, it was Southern Democrats, who are all your modern day Republicans. Just like Lincoln would’ve been a Democrat today.

  • Abe

    @Casey: if you must resort to name calling and baseless attacks instead of facts, I guess you are the fuck face.

  • Jake

    No. 7 · Casey


    I hate idiots who get history wrong. First, it was Southern Democrats, who are all your modern day Republicans. Just like Lincoln would’ve been a Democrat today.

    Oh boy. Casey, based on your comment I can safely assume you are no historian. Please do not try to play one the internet.

  • TomMC


    “Meanwhile, your “fierce advocate” Obama still doesn’t support same-sex marriage.”

    Maybe not directly, but his folks aren’t doing that DOMA thing no more.

    You are okay with the Republicans in Congress stepping up to the plate to defend that?

    Overall you made some good points.

  • BostonGuy

    Casey : Right. Democrats. KKK. And the greater message you should take from that is that all political parties evolve and no party is totally good or totally bad. I wish Mike Gin a lot of success.

  • IonMusic

    Anyone who starts their sentence on here with “I don’t support same sex marriages” gets the ignore button from me.

    As far as I’m concerned, not supporting same sex marriage is for promoting discrimination and I wouldn’t sit out & about and listen to someone speak to me when they support discrimination, so why would I listen to someone who makes any point on anything on the internet who supports discrimination?

    Bigots…go crawl under your hole. But perhaps in the Mid East please. Your ideology actually matches theirs to a tee.

  • whatever

    @Stanley: Very stupid analysis. In 2010, CA voters passed the top two primary. This guy won’t even make it past the primary. It’ll be Bowen v. Hahn–both Dems–in the general.

  • Sergio

    Actually, Speaker Perez has endorsed Janice Hahn, not Mike Gin.

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