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Will Gay Men Use Condoms More Often If They Come (Extra) Pre-Lubed?

Regular condoms sold in stores just aren’t doing it for the gays, AIDS researchers in India found. So they’re set to debut a condom just for gays. The big difference? More lube.

Family Planning Promotion Trust, an Indian condom manufacturer, and the state’s National AIDS Control Organisation are teaming up to create a condom made specifically for gays after learning one of the main reasons gay men might eschew condoms is because “most condoms are suited for vaginal and not anal sex.”

My own personal experience with condoms says that’s true! (You’re about to find out some personal information, read on!)

When I slept with women, only one required any lubricant at all. But I’ve used lube with almost every guy I’ve had anal sex with. Why? Because it’s harder to put it in, of course. Would a condom with extra lube built in make things easier? Perhaps, but I already hate condoms that are so sticky out of the wrapper that I need to wipe my hands off after putting it on. I’d rather douse the thing in some Wet Platinum after it’s unrolled.

But part of India’s new condom initiative will be its marketing campaign, specifically targeted to The Gays, which itself will be a campaign to encourage condom usage. The new super-lubed condom will be called Spice Up. I suggest they sign the Old Spice guy to pitch it. I’d buy one of these condoms just to sleep with him.