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Women’s butts turn straight men gay, says pro-rape ‘men’s rights activist’

back-hole, Roosh V, Daryush Valizadeh

Daryush Valizadeh (aka. “Roosh V”), a so-called “men’s rights activist” (MRA) who once suggested that we “make rape legal if done on private property”, recently released a video in which he stated “female butt obsession is a gateway to homosexuality.”

That’s right, straight boys: Liking women’s butts will turn you gay! BEWARE!!! IT’S A TRAP!!!

In his video, which was recorded in a kitchen, Valizadeh says, “I officially declare myself a boob man. I am now all about the boobs because being a butt man is just a gateway to homosexual activity.”

After taking a contemplative sip of coffee, Valizadeh unfortunately continues, stating, “I say no to the back hole. I’ve never done anal sex in my life. I swear. I’ve never done it. Couple girls have gently inquired if I wanted to, I said ‘No way.’ I know what comes out of that hole that back hole ‘cause I got a back hole too. It’s gross. There’s doo-doo there.”

Valizadeh did not go into whether he’s okay with all the things that come out of the front.

“What, did you use a plunger or whatever, a scrubber to get all the fecal matter there? You didn’t do that. So why am I gonna put my beanus there? I’m not stupid. I shower every day. I’m clean. Why would I put my beanus in a butt?” He scoffs. “That’s crazy. Well, maybe if I was watching anal sex porn all day, I would do it. But I don’t.”

Valizadeh is not just an internet rando. He’s the founder of, Return of Kings, a misogynist MRA group that considers women intellectually inferior, existing only for men’s pleasure and lacking any right to vote.

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He has authored books bragging about how he raped women during his days as a “pick-up artist” — his books offer tips on how other men can do the same. He has also led fat-shaming campaigns against big-bodied women and was banned from the U.K. for his abhorrent views. He loves Donald Trump and once tried to join the KKK until they rejected him as a rapist “sand n*gg*r.” Haha, whoops.

Valizadeh thinks “the modern world robs men of their freedom by ‘forcing’ them to alter their bodies in order to get laid.” These “alterations” include having to brush his teeth, wash his clothes and wipe his butt. (Yes, really.) Maybe he’s worried that last one “is a gateway to homosexuality.”

In early May 2017, PayPal limited his ability to receive donations through their platform. Last we heard, Valizadeh lives in his mom’s basement.

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