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Would 50% of America Really Support Obama If He Was Gay?

There is a rumor going around — okay, it’s actually the results of a poll — that some 50 percent of Americans would support an openly gay president. What this poll does not say is whether half of Americans would support an openly gay presidential candidate, during his campaign, because we really freakin’ doubt that. And compare that stat to the same poll concluding 62 percent of Americans saying they’d support an openly gay NFL quarterback, and we begin wondering aloud about whether Americans understand what the term “job qualifications” means.

(NB: Our headline is a trick question, because what we’re actually asking half of Americans to do is support a gay president WHO DOES NOT HAVE A U.S. BIRTH CERTIFICATE, and we all know even Valerie Jarrett would giving you a “Are you kidding me?” look on that one.)