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Would You Trust a Gay Spirituality Coach You Met Over the Internet?

PrideCoach.com is the brand new homepage of Dr. Reece W. Manley, whose press release describes him as a “spirituality expert and progressive Christian writer, providing pastoral counseling services especially tailored for the gay and lesbian community. The new site is to encourage Spiritual Recovery for gay and lesbian persons.” Ya know what’s scary? That’s the same boilerplate language conversion therapists often use!

But Dr. Manley claims to be the exact opposite — he’s a counsel and spiritual guide for gays looking to improve their mental health while remaining gay. No switcharoos here, supposedly.

The site appears to be selling some sort of Spirituality Switch-Flip package; there’s an 800-number that’ll put you directly in touch with Manley, though I’m afraid to call it, because I learned my lesson about calling middle aged men I meet on the Internet. Or you can buy his book.

While I’ll accept that Dr. Manley, who is seen here in a photo originally titled “reecegoodpic.jpg” on his website, is putting himself out there for purposes of good (he does gay weddings, after all), it’s sites like these that could easily be fronts for ex-gay therapists. And ‘mos won’t know until they’re suckered in.

And what’s with Manley’s video introduction that looks like an ad for Cymbalta?