You Decide! Queerty Reader’s Favorite Stories of 2008

Every day here at Queerty Central (currently a Starbucks on the corner of 8th and 17th in Manhattan) we ask ourselves, “What the hell do you people want?” And every day we watch with a mixture of amazement and fascination as you, Our Beloved Readers, glob onto an item we thought we rushed while long, reasoned treatises on the subtler aspects of faggotry go ignored. Queerty readers are a collective cyber-consciousness that captures the pulse of the gay community, and we decided to have a peek under the hood to see exactly what this big gay meta-brain thinks about all day long.

Below are the top 10 most popular posts of 2008. This post answers the question, “What the hell do you people want?” with a pretty definitive answer: “Dick, please.”

1. Daniel Radcliffe’s Penis, Revealed!

Harry Potter’s schlong wins out for most beloved entry this year. The Equus star revealed all as part to prove himself a serious actor and audiences showed their love of his artistry by sneaking cameras into the theatre to capture his performance for posterity/to jack off to.

2. Sally Kern Scrubs Gay Son?

Gotta give props to my predecessor Andrew for digging up dirt on homophobe Sally Kearns’ son Jesse. The dirt being that he’s probably gay. The story buzzed around the blogosphere, prompting Jesse to release a statement that he isn’t gay, just celibate. This is where we would usually say something snarky, but there’s nothing funny about a mother’s bigotry ruining her son’s life.

3. Javier Bardem’s Penis

Even though it’s suffering from massive shrinkage, you still wanna see.

4. Drew Barrymore Marches with, Addresses Prop. 8 Protesters

Your editor’s introduction to Queerty came via this video of Drew talking to the worn out Prop 8 protesters sitting in the middle of the street after marching seven miles.

5. Which American Idol Guys Scream ‘Queen?’

The only thing you love more than American Idol is figuring out which Idols are gay. A: All of them.

6. Michael Biserta: From Firefighter Gone Wild to Model

Yup, more penis.

7. Face The Music: Misadventures in Male Plastic Surgery

It’s that terrible feature about plastic surgery gone wrong, but for guys. Rupert Everett, what happened?

8. Will Smith Hired Male Hookers, Says “Discrete” Madame

Hey, maybe Will Smith is gay! This hooker says he is, so, y’know, there’s that.

9. Reporter: Palin Sought Gay Book Ban

A report that Mooseburger’s book banning was motivated over gay books set you all afire, even if the gay connection was never proven. Fortunately, now nobody cares about Sarah Palin.

10. See-Through Michael Biserta

No actual penis, but plenty of package.

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