You Thought Brandon Patrick Was Making Up His Brutal Gay Bashing?


Some readers suspected our story about Brandon Patrick’s brutal gay bashing in Tulsa was fake. “In your rush to throw out an inflammatory headline and get attention,” advises John, “you should’ve taken the time to do fact checking instead of reporting on an unfounded rumor…one that is likely untrue.” Chimed in Concerned Person: “I live in Oklahoma City, and while it’s easy to assume things like this happen all the time in places like Tulsa or Oklahoma City, there has been NOT ONE thing in the news media about this.” Well here’s the mainstream news report if you need it:

What should have been a 10-minute walk to a friend’s house ended with a trip to the hospital for Brandon Patrick, a Tulsan who said he was severely beaten Sunday night because of his sexual orientation.

Three people followed Patrick down the 1300 block of South Rockford Avenue about 11:45 p.m., yelling homophobic slurs and threats, he said.

Patrick, who is gay, said he ignored the group until they closed in and then asked why they were accosting him without provocation.

The assailants then started beating, biting and slashing at Patrick with a blade, he said, leaving him with several cuts on his head and body.

The 23-year-old has been peppered with insults before, but he said he never thought they would escalate to violence.

Oklahoma State law does not recognize sexual orientation as a hate crime qualifier, so investigators are treating the case as a standard assault and battery.