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Young man offers cautionary tale against casting adult videos to your TV

One poor Reddit user simply wanted to watch adult content on a larger screen — his family’s TV, specifically — and was betrayed by his own technology.

“Don’t cast Pornhub to your TV if your family [is] using Android devices!” the Redditor warned in a recent thread, explaining that his mom just asked him if he was watching Pornhub the night before.

“She said a notification came up on her phone and she had blamed my 12-year-old brother,” he wrote. “I had to say yes, obviously. I couldn’t let him get the blame. To say that I am mortified doesn’t even cover it. 27 years old, and this is the first time I have been caught.”

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The humiliated porn consumer then discovered how dear old mom found out. “I tested it, and it comes up as a notification saying a device on your Wi-Fi is casting, along with a picture of the Pornhub logo,” he wrote. “Anyone know how to turn this off?”

One commenter had a potential fix: “I’ve had the same issue before,” he wrote. “To turn this feature off, open the Google Home app, click on the device your Chromecast is on, click on [the] cog in the upper-righthand corner, and switch the toggle off for the option ‘Let others control your cast media.’ That should stop that from happening.”

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Then there’s this idea from another Redditor: “I have roommates, and just to avoid this, made a separate Wi-Fi network for my devices.”

Be careful out there, folks. If Big Brother isn’t keeping an eye on you, Mother might be!