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Adult son finds tons of gay x-rated videos on his dad’s computer–Now what?!

Shocked man looking at computer

A 20-something man says he recently logged onto his dad’s personal computer and made a shocking discovery. Now, he’s turning to Reddit for help.

It all started when the man, who claims to be 26 and straight, used his father’s laptop to go to YouTube.

“As I typed in ‘you’ it tried to autofill me into the website Youporn with some homosexual title to the video,” the man writes. “At first I couldn’t believe what I was seeing given my father has been married to my mother for around 20 years.”

The man says his father is generally a “pretty negative and miserable person to be around,” but he’s never given any indication that he might be into dudes.

“As I continued to go down his history, I saw gay porn going back for the past month,” he continues. “I stopped looking from there.”

Now, he says, he’s at a total loss for what to do.

“My mother is the sweetest and most caring person and this will tear her apart in complete shock,” he writes, “but on the other hand I feel awful for my father knowing that he’s probably been keeping this secret for his whole life, making him miserable.”

The man asks his fellow Redditors for their advice. Naturally, they have lots to say about the matter.

“The only thing I could see myself doing is maaaaaybe asking your dad about it,” one person writes. “It’s not your place to spread it all over the family. If you do discuss it, then he knows you know, and the ball will be in his court to discuss it with your mom.”

“I’m happily married to a woman but about half the porn i watch is gay,” another person says. “Porn is about fantasy and not about reality. Maybe your dad is bi and curious. Maybe he has a fantasy but considers himself straight. I don’t know and neither do you.”

To which another person adds, “You should never out someone. You can ask him about it, but he could be completely straight and still like gay porn.”

A fourth person writes: “Bisexuality is largely erased from queer culture but it is important to consider that he is attracted to both your mom and men … He could be completely straight and just like gay porn … Not everything is as simple as it seems and sexuality is extremely fluid.”

What do you think this guy should do? Share your thoughts in the comments section below…

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