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You’ve Never Been Shaved Like This Before

We’re not ones to encourage full-body hair removal (see here and here and here for proof), but if you’re considering going fully bare, rather than bear, for the summer this video might be a deciding factor. Dutch designer-filmmaker Bart Hess created the short film Shaved to appraise the aerodynamics of the human body. The shoot took 10 hours, and required one male model, 28 cans of shaving cream and two lucky shavers. Fortunately, the model is a swimmer so could hold his breath for long periods, which became a necessity since he was covered head to toe in a thick layer of foam. Hess estimates approximately 24,000 were removed from the model’s body and there were a mere five shaving nicks during the shoot.

Watch Hess examine aerodynamics shave a hot swimmer below.

H/t: NewNowNext

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