PHOTOS: Handsome Hunks Flash Their Very Hairy Pits

Last week, we told you about podophilia, defined as “a pronounced sexual interest in feet.” Otherwise known as a foot fetish. We shared all sorts of pictures of sexy men and their tootsies.

This week, we thought we’d tell you about maschalagnia. The all-knowing Wikipedia defines this as “a partialism in which an individual is sexually attracted to armpits.”

In all honestly, until we learned about maschalagnia, we’d never associated armpits with anything even remotely sexy. But after seeing some of these pictures, we may be having second thoughts. And thirds. And…

What do you think? Hot or not?

Scroll down to see photos of men and their pits, and sound off in the comments feed. 

Photo credit: High Blue Wave

Photo credit: Sexy Armpit Men

Photo credit: Male Pit Stop

Photo credit: Sexy Armpit Men

Photo credit: Male Pit Stop

Photo credit: PitStalker

Photo credit: manlychest

Photo credit: off-limits2u

Photo credit: gqjock

Photo credit: Male Pit Stop

Photo credit: Male Pit Stop

Photo credit: Male Pit Stop

Photo credit: Hot Gay Couples

Photo credit: Environmental Graffiti

Photo credit: guys&pits

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  • hudson

    Oh my! These dudes, especially the couples, leave me speechless. excuse me…….

  • hudson

    and how could i possibly be the first to comment????

  • sanfranca1

    OMG! Woof!!!

  • BBellairs

    They are all hot, but the third one down I could snuggle up to all night long!

  • tookietookie

    Several thoughts here (not trying to dog on u but srsly) –

    1) this feed reads like someone put it together who didn’t know pits were sexy b/c amateurish quality

    2) not something new if ur gay you knew this already

    3) identity crisis for queerty are you soft-core porn fetish aggregator? lol, good to know.

  • Eiswirth

    Absolutely one of the sexiest parts of a man. I can’t stand the shaved look on a guy: He’s a man, not a 16-year-old girl.

  • QuintoLover

    I’ve seen the fifth one down numerous times- LOVE IT.

  • Tracy Pope

    “In all honestly, until we learned about maschalagnia, we’d never associated armpits with anything even remotely sexy.”
    Surprise! A lot of us do.

  • Dixie Rect

    Queerty recently did an article about feet, so I guess this body part was next. Next will be ear lobes!

  • viveutvivas

    Are there really card-carrying members of the gay male community who DON’T like armpits, hairy or not? They are different from feet in that their appearance and smell are what are called secondary sexual characteristics – it is hard to see how you can like men an yet not like certain sexual characteristics of men. (Not that you have to like every guys’, but you sure have to like at least SOME guys’.)

  • Niall

    Most are sexy, but there’s something about the 5th pic that looks gross.

    @viveutvivas: You could ask the same about women though? Considering(I might be wrong), the whole wanting your man to be shaved thing really started with women. They’re supposed to like men too aren’t they?

  • viveutvivas

    @Niall, you’re right. I can understand not liking tons of hair on your man, but not liking any is strange to me.

  • Spike

    Very flat chested masculine Lesbians!!!!!

  • Sebizzar

    Lol, just like the foot article, armpits don’t do much for me either! I mean sure, there’s always a sexiness to anything manly like his hairy armpits, but I would not want to lick it or smell it lol…

  • pscheck2

    Hands down: High Blue Wave (pic#1), I mean:pits up!

  • Mezaien

    Just like always the black men are the hottest YUM YUM.

  • babybabybaby

    Luv a hairy pit … sexy

  • pscheck2

    oye! to each his own!

  • ZachT

    my vote is HOT….very sexy to me. but definitely a personal preference

  • dennis

    Considering the ubiquity of armpit shots in porn and on dating sites (not to mention the rather common objections to men shaving their armpits), and the fact that foot fetishism is less common than an appreciation of armpits, the comment in this article that ” we’d never associated armpits with anything even remotely sexy” seems extraordinarily disingenuous!

    It is kind of like a gay man saying “until I looked at porn magazines I never imagined men would suck dick”!

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